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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Gold-Digger BUSTED!

I met this chick playing on-line pokerabout 8 months ago. We were having a good time so we started exchanging email and talking on I.M. She is 30 years old, divorced, no children and lives outside of Cincinnati, OH. Not too hard too look at either. Abysmal card player, though. I was always pretty vague about where I lived or what I did for a living, because frankly there are a lot of psycho’s out there. I don’t know anything about here either. About 2 weeks ago I logged on and we started chatting. She had become increasingly more annoying of late, and I had detected a subtle yet profound weakness in her character, so I decided to have some fun with her…

The_devil_made_me_do_it30: HEY!!!
Venjanz: hey
The_devil_made_me_do_it30: Wacha doin??
Venjanz: hehe not much just looking at some web sites (it was porn)
The_devil_made_me_do_it30: LOL
Venjanz: what?
The_devil_made_me_do_it30: UR funny iloved those jokes you sent me
Venjanz: yeah hehe they were pretty good
Venjanz: you get those pics I sent you too?
The_devil_made_me_do_it30: yea!
Venjanz: have you played cards lately?
(20 minutes pass)
The_devil_made_me_do_it30: yea played some last night I lost :(:(
Venjanz: LOL you suck pretty bad it’s a good thing you don’t play for money
The_devil_made_me_do_it30: hey fuckker!!1 I beat you before!
Venjanz: ONCE you beat me ONCE, son
The_devil_made_me_do_it30: im not your “son” im a woman
Venjanz: jeez don’t take so much offence, I tend to call everybody beneath me “son”
Venjanz: therefore I call everybody son
The_devil_made_me_do_it30: …
The_devil_made_me_do_it30: whutever
(10 minutes pass)
Venjanz: want to see something funny? Click this link: http://www.big-boys.com/articles/fword.html
The_devil_made_me_do_it30: LOL :)
Venjanz: yeah that sites great
Venjanz: what are you doing?
The_devil_made_me_do_it30: talking to mikie on the phone (her ex boyfriend that she is thinking about getting back together with)
Venjanz: Ahh, whats he have to say?
The_devil_made_me_do_it30: not much wur probly gonna go out Friday to the Ratchet (dance club)
Venjanz: that should be fun, but I suppose you know only homosexuals go to dance
The_devil_made_me_do_it30: LLO PLENTy of straight guys go to dance clubs
Venjanz: yeah I bet you know that well
The_devil_made_me_do_it30: HEY!
Venjanz: what?
The_devil_made_me_do_it30: wuts that mean?
Venjanz: I just ment that you like to dance you you should know better then me
The_devil_made_me_do_it30: ok…
Venjanz: BRB
(25 minutes)
The_devil_made_me_do_it30: T u there?
Venjanz: yeah sorry ben called
The_devil_made_me_do_it30: The artist guy?
Venjanz: yeah
The_devil_made_me_do_it30: I got some lotto ticket..wish me luck!!!
Venjanz: maam you need more then luck to hit a 85,000,000:1 shot…that’s destiny
The_devil_made_me_do_it30: well I am destin to have lots of money
(Oh you are, are you…)
Venjanz: Oh speaking of money I have some good news
The_devil_made_me_do_it30: yea wut?
Venjanz: remember that book I told you I was working on? I sold the idea to Doubleday
The_devil_made_me_do_it30: REALLY? CONGRAT!S
Venjanz: yeah hehe there are giving me a $150,000 advance once they get the manuscript and I get 50% of all sales. Im pretty excited.
The_devil_made_me_do_it30: WOW!!!!!!
(Wow indeed)
(30 minutes)
: you know I really like talking to you, why don’t you call me..heres my cell 513-XXX-XXXX
: coll ill call you sometime
The_devil_made_me_do_it30: Have you ever taken a vacation in Cincinatti cutie? If you do, we should uhhh meet up ;););)



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