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Friday, May 20, 2005

Why the 21st Century Man in America Fears Marriage

I recently told a good friend of mine that I was going to stop writing about stuff like this, because frankly, I feel it’s played out. Call me a one time liar and I’ll keep this short.

Consider this my last blast on the subject.

Men basically fear marriage because the woman can decide at any time that the relationship does not suit her and wipe-out the man financially and emotionally in divorce court. Women usually get preferential treatment in the settlement, especially if there are children involved. The woman will usually get primary custody, child support and alimony unless the woman is a complete fuck-up.

With the sky-rocketing divorce rate, men are asking themselves…why should we get married?

These are the three REAL reasons why men are reluctant to commit, not the BS reasons you read on MSN or get from Dr. Phil:

1. There is no security in marriage for men.
2. A marriage in 21st century America will likely end in divorce.
3. For every happily married person a man knows, they know at least two others that have a horror story.

Countering this reasonable argument is the intense desire for a man to place his blood-engorged penis in the crotch of a woman. Men LOVE the women’s crotch, and most will pay almost anything to get in there.

We are lucky that men are so consumed with woman’s crotches, or the human race would have died out long ago.

This does not change that fact that the service you women are providing is not worth what you are charging.

-Tommy Masterson


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