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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Greenpeace in Russia

A friend of mine emailed me a link to this picture:

"We know no mercy and do not ask for any."

Maybe Al Gore should take a trip to Moscow.

Shamelessly stolen from here.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Whores Whine About Economic Woes, Form Support Group (Update-Trolled)

A self-help group for women whose partners are troubled bankers.

Check out the blog.

I see a great potential for trolling here.

***Update-This is almost certainly a troll blog---kudos to the author!***

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Amazing Grace

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Truck Commercials

Me and my friends often joke about pick-up truck commercials. Without going into why we think they're funny, well... I trust you have a sense of humor.

A Ford Commercial during the Carter Administration:

In the late 70's, pedophiles, sluts, and homosexuals were the target demographics of Ford.

Now this is a goddamn TRUCK commercial, coincidentally produced during the Reagan Administration:

Goddamn! Fucking Bush, Buckwheat, the ton of rocks dropping into the bed! I liked the part when the nondescript workman slammed down his toolbox. Now that's a fucking truck that can haul some shit!

To nobody's surprise, the faggotry returned during the Clinton Administration:

Four men running from a bull. None of these "cowboys" has a gun. They hide in their truck, lay back, drink lattes, and eat "burritos." All that is missing is a giant pink triangle on the roof.

Dodge Ram Commercial from the Bush Administration:

CGI Pit Bulls! Fuck yeah!

I'm still waiting for the first good Obama truck commercial. I suspect it will be a load of $100 bills slamming into the bed, with a dramatic slow-motion shot of the truck recoiling from the impact.

Then the truck will accelerate off screen, leaving a cloud of dust and tire smoke behind; then a cut to the truck screeching to a halt in front of Goldman Sachs.

Cut to flannel-clad rough workmen off-loading bundles of cash like bales of hay, and zoom in to the "Yes We Can!" logo painted on the side of the building...

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ford F-150

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Bush's third term continues-Obama bombs a village, kills at least 14 villagers.

(Reuters) - Suspected U.S. drones fired missiles into Pakistan on Friday killing at least 14 people, intelligence officials and residents said, in the first such strikes since Barack Obama became U.S. president.

Frustrated over what it sees as Pakistan's failure to stem the flow of al Qaeda and Taliban militants from its lawless tribal regions into Afghanistan, the United States stepped up cross-border attacks last year.

There were separate strikes in the northwestern border regions of North and South Waziristan.

In the first attack, three missiles hit a house in a village 2 km (1 mile) west of Mir Ali, a major town in North Waziristan, the officials said.

"Nine bodies have been pulled out the rubble," Ismail Wazir, a villager told Reuters by telephone.

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A Raptor Visit

My good friend O.G. had a visit from a hawk the other day, and she snapped some good shots:

The hawk was bigger than it looks. She said it was a full-sized bird, at least 18" tall.

See the full set here.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Obama's Oath of Office and inauguration speech:

Bush's third term has begun!

I thought his speech was pretty good, and why not? It's what he does best. He set the bar pretty damn high for himself, however.

I happen to think that he was right when he said "The time has come to set aside childish things."

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Geto Boys - My Mind Playing Tricks On Me

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baptazia - Super Sunday 1-3 Black Dance Remix

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I woke up last night at 1am and just had to write this down:

I was staying at my father’s house on Christmas Eve watching Dick Clark’s New Years thing when I looked out side and noticed my car was missing. I had just gotten back from Zone 6-1 in Super Mario Bros, so it had been gone awhile. I was about to call the police but instead decided just to hit my reset button. After a second, my car reappeared. Good, then. I blinked once, and it became a different car. A Mustang with flames on it. Wow this is pretty cool so I got in and started joy riding. Every time I deliberately blinked, it became a different car. After a few blinks it became a semi so I decided to spin out in it because that would be fun. I drove over to my friends house in what was now a 69 GTO with flames painted on it so he could see my new ride. He heard me pull up and came out and asked where my car was. I pointed at my 87 Grand National with flames painted on it but he couldn’t see it! Bugged again! He walked over to where I said it was and bumped into the invisible car. He found the door and got in and could see it now from the inside.

We drove over to a local warehouse that was run by the mafia to pick up some cokes, and decided to work while we were there. It’s a bit hazy what when on, but the place was under attack by a lvl 60 guy wearing a paper sack and a yellow cape, so we all decided to mob up on him but the guy was using hax so he kept beating us. I finally was able to get a grocery cart and crush him up against the wall a few times, and while he was distracted, I was able to get into the server and put myself in God Mode, and took him out.

We drove back to my father’s house, and my mother and two aunts were all sitting beside me, outside, bundled up around a couple of good campfires singing Christmas songs, while Charles S. Dutton was making hot cocoa and Courtney B. Vance was playing “Let it Snow” on an invisible piano. His piano had been stolen, and I told him there was this cool bug when you hit your reset button…

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Saturday, January 03, 2009

What Cult Movie?

Here is a bit of a memeish type thing. Sort of like "Name that Tune."

Here are three songs intimately associated with some modern "cult" movies that are considered classics-don't cheat, and tell me what movie is associated with the song.

Song 1:

Song 2:

Song 3:

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Friend of mine sent me this:

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