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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Yo! Islam Raps!

Yo yo yo! Wassup my brothaz and sistaz! Jihad in the 0-6 baby! Peace to be unto you! Iz chillin with my boyz, loadin clips and writin scrips, you know what I sayin? Allah da merci-ful be praised! I be takin da message to da streetz burnin cars and killin kuffars, you know what I sayin?! You not down wit da jihad yet? Well let my boyz Sheikh Terra and Soul Salah Crew kick it fo you like dis...

DAMN! Dat shit waz dope! I would drink a gin and juice right now if it was allowed by Allah, but it ain't! Allahu Ackbah! Peace to Hamas, peace to the A-Q, Usama we got yo back, nigga! Peace to the Taliban, kill da crizzusadaz, behead the infidel!

Yo check it! I got dis track!

That was a joint from me main boyz D.A.M. wit Meen Erhabe, which means "who's da terrorist?" fo all you crusada hataz out there. Jihad on Bush, jihad on Blair, God is Great! Gimmi Allah one time! Yeeeah! One fo da money, two fo da show, jihad, jihad go boy go! I got 9-11 wayz of gettin paid in paradise, wit my 72 virginz and da Cristianz need step back when I suizzide bomb with dis new track! Allahu Ackbar!Peace be on to you!

Phatt as a filthy pig! Allah in da house! Mohammed in da house! You try to steal on me, I cut off yo right hand biatch! Allahu Ackbah!

Im gonna eaze it down a bit here, and let you off slow. Check out my boyz Native Deen! They be wag-in jihad with the mic, keepin it tight and rappin about Allah all night! Lyrical terrorists with suicide bomber hearts, brothaz and sistaz! Speaking of your sister, if she refusez to marry me, we will slit her throat in a honizza killin! Peace be unto you, peace to Mohamizza the Prophet, peace to Allah!

I hope you enjoyed our show tonight. We be takin Izlam to da streets to bive heavy beats to da Jews and tha Christinz! Peace to Allah, Peace to Mohamizzad and peace to you... diry kuffar!

-Touma bin Touma

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Are You Hell-Bound?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Things That Need Reform

1: Marriage/Divorce Statutes:

To start, let me say that I advocate the elimination of all state recognized “marriages”. I personally think that government should not have a say when it comes to who “marries” whom, just like they should have no say in selling a car, or buying a house, or thousands of other legal contracts that are executed every day. That said, on the face of things in America, there are laws on the books that regulate marriage that seem to protect abused women and children, uphold the sanctity of a union in a religious context, to empower the oppressed woman, blah, blah and blah. In reality, the current laws that regulate marriage and divorce are in place to fill the wallets of greedy divorce lawyers at the expense of the duped public. Yes you read that right… the laws that you thought were there to protect you have no other purpose then to make lawyers rich. Divorce lawyers fleece billions of Dollars in fees every year, raping the system they created from Joe and Jane Six-Pack, just so they can buy a new Benz every year.

So what would be the solution?

A: All marriages are no longer recognized by the state. Who could object to this? If the marriage is based on religion, it is sanctioned by God himself, and therefore supersedes any human laws; so the married couple is bound by God’s law, and state regulation is unnecessary and irrelevant; if based on secular contact law, see section B.

B: People that wish to enter a marriage contract can do so by writing it themselves, with the help of a lawyer if need be. Make no mistake about it; getting married is signing a binding contract, just as a prenuptial agreement is. Why is one contact revered as the pinnacle of love and trust, while the other considered the exact opposite? Two sides of the same coin if you ask me… a binding contract is a binding contract. Until a formula is created that can accurately quantify human emotions, religious devotion, and/or purpose of will and/or intent, all marriage contracts as they are currently consecrated are shams and frauds on both sides. Everybody knows this, but nobody wants to admit it.

Final Solution: Eliminate state-licensed marriage.

2: The Legal Status of Two Vices: Prostitution and Marijuana

As far as prostitution goes, the idea that this is illegal is silly. Often named “the world’s oldest profession”, I would tend to agree. Without boring you with the history of the libido, prostitution has been, and always will be one of the pillars of civilization. The gross definition of prostitution is the payment of a party to another in currency or barter, for the exchange of sexual services. Anybody care to tell me what in essence differentiates paying somebody a hundred bucks for a screw at the Notell Motel, and paying for a few “dates” with a “somebody you like” that end’s with the same result? You know what I’m saying. You pay for sex one way or another, why should paying for it upfront be illegal when it is largely the end-game anyway? Anti-prostitution laws, the way that they are written, are like saying that it’s O.K. to get drunk, but it’s illegal to purchase alcohol!

Legal pot, well there is a tricky one. On the simple basis of clearing out some prison space for some real criminals, I’m all for it. Since most habitual pot smokers are morons anyway, what as a society do we have to loose? There are some medical benefits for cancer patients perhaps, and if they have cancer, I say: “Let them some weed, man!” Would you deny a cancer victim this simple pleasure on the basis of some arcane law? They have two feet in the grave anyway. How may drunks have you seen beat their women or otherwise harm people? How many heads have you seen do something similar? None, because habitual pot smoking saps will power from people, and in general makes them lazy and irresponsible. Consider this as well: Why is Cannabis so reviled by the American government? Is it that it’s so extraordinarily easy to grow, cultivate, and refine that regulation would be nearly impossible?

Exercise: Write down all the names of everybody over the age of 16 (including yourself) that you have met. Now put a check beside anybody that you know has smoked or does smoke pot, and an X beside who has not.

Final Solution: Decriminalize both prostitution and ganja smoking; it’s realistic and practical.


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Friday, June 16, 2006

The Straw That Broke the Blue Collar Back

We have all endured Hardee’s blue collar, working man, ruff and tough advertising campaign for several years now. These are some of the worst commercials I have ever seen, especially when compared to Burger King’s. I appreciate their attempt to reach a certain target audience: White male high school graduates from the ages of 18-30. I will admit that Paris Hilton washing the car was O.K., and the pregnant woman eating a Thickburger in the waiting room while the narrator said she should enjoy it, because she will be "eating at McDonalds for the next 13 years" got a chuckle, the advertising agency that created this campaign was too focused on the stereotype of the “dumb white working man”, rather then remembering the liberal mantra that we live in a culture of sensitivity and understanding. Why is it that in America, all stereotypes are bad, unless they apply to white males?

Several weeks ago, Hardee’s (AKA Carl’s Jr.) started airing a TV advertisement that featured two young, uncouth, uneducated, bumbling white men in urban Philadelphia, whom seem to be cabbies taking a late-night break. The coup de gras is the subtitles. This is one of the most demeaning things I have ever seen in a modern advertisement:

If this kind of stereotyping was used with any other group in America, there would be riots in the streets and lawsuits thrown around like confetti! Imagine this commercial for Churches Chicken:

A young African American man pimp-walks into Churches, bopping like he’s the baddest nigga on Earth. He struts up to the counter, to place his order with the black clerk:

"Kin ah take yo owda?"
(May I take your order?)

"Yeahh, gimmie da muthafuckin taw piece meal, wit da mass potatoos and da cown."
(I would like the two piece meal, and for the sides, mashed potatoes and corn.)

"Tive atee."
(Five Eighty.)


Can you imagine what would happen if a commercial were to be aired using subtitles while a Black American was speaking? I’m guessing most black people wouldn’t care all that much, but the limousine-liberals would trip over themselves calling for the heads of the producers, the company, the TV stations, the FCC, Bush, etc. because they buy in to the collective guilt theory. They want to be seen as avatars of the downtrodden, and the protectors of minority rights; while advocating, tacitly if not actively, the continued demoralizing, discrimination, and feminization of the American white man.

I call for a boycott of Hardee’s until this advertisement is pulled.


Read this, It will make you a better person

Friday, June 09, 2006


Yesterday, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was sent to explain his misdeeds to Allah, curtsey of the United States Air Force. While Iraqis celebrated in the streets, (the ones that weren’t getting bombed) and the free peoples of the world shared smiles and high-fives, there remain a few questions about “what this all means”.

Q. Will Zarqawi become a martyr?
A. Yes, but consider that all martyrs have one thing in common: They are all dead.

Q. Will this end the violence in Iraq?
A. No it will not, this will reduce the effectiveness of Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Q. What did the air strike accomplish?
A. The air strike killed a psychopathic Islamist thug and several of his lackeys, whom were responsible for hundreds, if not thousands of deaths in Iraq.

Q. Will Zarqawi’s death become a “lighting rod” for radical Islam?
A. The lightning rod for “radical” Islam was written 1400 years ago, it’s called the Koran. Google it.

Since the Free People of the West (Americans, Britons, and Australians) collectively have the attention spans of ghetto crack heads, and are addicted to “Reality T.V.”, I have decided to share with you some of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s Greatest Hits, to remind you of why Zarqawi deserved death.

Disclaimer: The following content is extremely graphic! Do not play the videos if you have a weak stomach, do not wish to know the truth of the world outside your little bubble, are a pathological Islam apologist, a liberal, under the age of 18, or like to bury your head in the sand and forget about the threat we face.

I now present to you, the Religion of Peace!

Eugene Armstrong:

"God is Great! God is Great!"

Nick Berg

Again, during the slaughter, you can clearly hear these Muslims giving praise to God while cutting off Nick's head.

Ken Bigley

What threat was this eldery English man to the Religion of Peace?

Shosei Koda

Why was Shosei murdered? He's not White, so there must be some other reason...

Had Enough? Too Bad...

Kim Sun-il

Not a White person either, but the shouts of "ALLAHU ACKBAR!" (God is Greatest) remain the same. The shouts of this man pleading for his life brought tears to my eyes, and may be the most harrowing thing I have seen in my entire life.

On June 7, 2006 the debt of honor to these people was paid in full by the United States.

Rot in hell, Zak.


Read this, It will make you a better person