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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin Naked!--80's Video

I won't post nudity on my blog, but you can see the goodies here :)Tasty!


Read this, It will make you a better person

Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Should Choose Palin for VP

The speculation is rampant about who McCain will select as his running-mate, which will be announced later today.

In my opinion, McCain would be a fool if he didn't select Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska.

Here are three shallow reasons why McCain should go with Palin:
  1. Palin is a woman, and that alone will be worth a ton of Hillary voters.
  2. Palin is an attractive woman.
  3. Palin is an articulate woman, and looks and sounds great on TV.
Now here are some substantive reasons why Palin would be a good choice for McCain:
  1. She is a social conservative that can reinvigorate the GOP base.
  2. Palin's relative youth will reassure voters that are concerned with McCain's age
  3. Palin is a member of the NRA and a hunter, and that will appeal to voters that are concerned with McCain's record on gun control.
  4. Palin supports drilling.
  5. I haven't researched this, but Palin may be the most popular Governor in U.S. History.
  6. Ethics.
  7. Executive experience.
Sarah Palin would be a brilliant choice, and would even make me somewhat enthusiastic about his ticket.

Some vids:

(skip to 4:18 to see her bit)

Palin has impeccable conservative credentials, but I can envision the attacks from the left about her being a beauty queen, and how McCain is a "dirty old man" for choosing her. She has 5 kids, and that's environmentally irresponsible, yadda-yadda.

Read this, It will make you a better person

The Onion: Portrayal Of Obama As Elitist Hailed As Step Forward For African Americans

An American Carol Trailer

Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Uncovered Meat in Europe-Journalism Student Gang-Raped by "Asylum-Seekers" and "Migrants"'

I'm sorry this happened to her, but what did she expect? I'm guessing she didn't expect to get raped by the very people she was attempting to arouse sympathy for.

Asylum seekers held after British journalism student gang-raped in Calais 'Jungle' ghetto
A British woman has been raped by a gang of asylum seekers in Calais, it has been alleged.

The journalism student wanted to highlight the plight of migrants who sleep rough in a squalid camp at the French port before trying to sneak into Britain.

She was subjected to a horrific attack by six Afghan men she intended to write about, it was claimed.

French riot police rounded up 200 migrants for questioning.

Ten remained in custody tonight and police said it was possible all had been involved in the rape, which detectives described as 'extremely brutal'.

Police said the 31-year-old victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was a London student who had travelled to France 'to highlight problems surrounding clandestine immigration'.
The fact that Muslims "Asian youths" commit a very disproportionate number of rapes and sexual assaults in Europe is not reported by the media. Even the source of this story-The Daily Mail-which is considered to have a conservative bend, will not report the connection because it's not Politically Correct.

A good discussion on the issue can be found here.

(via LGF Link Viewer)

Read this, It will make you a better person

Roast of Bob Saget: Gilbert Gottfried

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tin Man Rendition

A good friend of mine emailed this to me the other day. An awesome solo rendition of Tin Man by America

I have posted the vid below at least 3 times before, but this time, it's for reference:

Read this, It will make you a better person

Obama Assassination Plot Foiled?

No real details yet, but it looks like some Neo-Nazi militia meth addicts were planning to snipe Barack Obama on Thursday.

Plot to Kill Obama: Shoot From High Vantage Point
CBS4 has learned at least four people are under arrest in connection with a possible plot to kill Barack Obama at his Thursday night acceptance speech in Denver. All are being held on either drug or weapons charges.

CBS4 Investigator Brian Maass reported one of the suspects told authorities they were "going to shoot Obama from a high vantage point using a ... rifle … sighted at 750 yards."

Law enforcement sources tell Maass that one of the suspects "was directly asked if they had come to Denver to kill Obama. He responded in the affirmative."

The story began emerging Sunday morning when Aurora police arrested 28-year-old Tharin Gartrell. He was driving a rented pickup truck in an erratic manner according to sources.

Sources told CBS4 police found two high-powered, scoped rifles in the car along with camouflage clothing, walkie-talkies, wigs, a bulletproof vest, a spotting scope, licenses in the names of other people and 44 grams of methamphetamine. One of the rifles is listed as stolen from Kansas.

Aurora police alerted federal officials because of heightened security surrounding the Democratic convention, Dudley said.

"Clearly we found there are federal implications -- otherwise we would not have notified them," Det. Marcus Dudley with Aurora police said. "The weapons clearly would cause great concern."

Subsequently authorities went to the Cherry Creek Hotel to contact an associate of Gartrell's. But that man, identified as Shawn Robert Adolph, 33, who was wanted on numerous warrants, jumped out of a sixth floor hotel window. Law enforcement sources say Adolph broke an ankle in the fall and was captured moments later. Sources say he had a handcuff ring and was wearing a swastika, and is thought to have ties to white supremacist organizations.

A third man -- an associate of Gartrell and Adolph, Nathan Johnson, 32, was also arrested. He told authorities that the two men "planned to kill Barack Obama at his acceptance speech."
One thing here. Mr. Adolph jumped out of a six-story window and only broke an ankle? The guy would be falling at about 65mph when he hit the ground.

(n/t Stop the ACLU)

Read this, It will make you a better person

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Liberty Mutual Sells Global Warming Liability Insurance

That's right. Check it out:
NEW YORK - While many Directors and Officers (D&O) policies cover pollution claims, most of these policies do not specifically reference global warming. To help eliminate much of the uncertainty about global warming exposure, Liberty International Underwriters (LIU), a part of Liberty Mutual Group, has created the Private Advantage Company Combo™ policy. This policy responds to global warming litigation and features many of the D&O coverage enhancements most requested by brokers including assured quote for future public offerings and third-party coverage via endorsement.

LIU's Private Advantage Company Combo™ is a highly competitive private company policy that offers broad private company management coverage for D&O liability, employment practices liability (EPL), fiduciary liability, pollution defense and standard ISO crime fidelity. It includes a broad definition of EPL wrongful act, claim and insured person as well as a broad definition of claim and loss for fiduciary liability.

"Private company executives have grown increasingly concerned about global warming litigation but until now had no options for special coverage," said Carl Pursiano, senior vice president of LIU's U.S. management liability operations. "With a number of lower court cases already pending on greenhouse gas emissions, D&Os need global warming defense-cost insurance. We saw this coverage gap and created a policy to help protect executives from this new wave of litigation stemming from the alleged improper release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases."

Since Private Advantage has been designed as a modular policy, brokers can configure its coverage options into a wide variety of combinations. The policy allows clients to start with a basic D&O policy and then add to it the coverage enhancements that best suit their exposure. For example, the Combo policy can provide pollution claim protection such as:

  • Side A pollution derivative suit coverage;
  • Pollution defense-cost coverage, inclusive of entity coverage and global warming protection;
  • Private placement protection including defense-cost coverage for global warming-related misrepresentations; and
  • Defense-cost coverage associated with formal administrative or regulatory investigative proceedings against insured persons with respect to global warming.
(h/t Church of Global Warming)

Read this, It will make you a better person

Johnny Cash- Ring of Fire 1968

Shall I Start a Meme?

This is inspired by the "First Line Meme" that OG sent me awhile back.

Organize your music file alphabetically by artist then track, and name the first song that's at the top of the list for every letter (or number, see my list below) by artist and song name. Just for fun.

#: 2 Live Crew-Face Down Ass Up
A: Afroman- But then I Got High
B: Barry White- Let's Just Kiss And Say Goodbye
C: Cake-Going The Distance
D: Dark Hearts-Ya Get Skeeted On
E: Everly Brothers-Unchained Melody
F: Frank Sinatra-Fly Me To The Moon
G: Geto Boys-Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta
H: Humble Pie-Get Down To It
I: Ice Cube-Be True To The Game
J: Johnny Cash-Ring Of Fire
L: Led Zepplin-Black Dog
M: MC Hawking-All My Shootings Be Drive-By's
N: Nancy Sinatra-These Boots Are Made For Walking
O: Offspring-Gone Away
P: Public Enemy-Cold Lampyn With Flavor Flav
R: Rammstein-Hitler
S: Scarface-Recognize
T: The Roots-The Seed
V: Vaughn Brothers-Hard To Be
W: Wu Tang Clan-C.R.E.A.M.
Y: -Yerba Buena-Guajira

Read this, It will make you a better person

Death Penalty

I have stated before that I oppose the death penalty in almost all circumstances.

Joseph E. Duncan III is one of those exceptions.

CNN: Cringing jurors watch Duncan torture boy on tape.
Joseph Edward Duncan III, acting as his own attorney, had argued against playing the videos, saying it would turn jurors "into my victims" as they decide whether he should be executed.

Duncan kidnapped the boy, Dylan Groene, and his sister, Shasta, in May 2005 after murdering their older brother, their mother and her fiance in the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, area. The two young children were taken deep into the Lolo National Forest, where they endured weeks of horrendous abuse at Duncan's hands.

Duncan ultimately shot the boy point-blank in the head while his sister, then 8, watched. He was arrested after returning to Coeur d'Alene, where a waitress recognized Shasta as the two ate at a Denny's restaurant.

The videos and photos taken at the cabin show Duncan forcing the boy to perform a sex act, whipping him with a belt and hanging him with a wire noose until the boy passed out.

"The devil is here, boy, the devil himself. The demon couldn't do what the devil sent him to do so the devil came himself," Duncan yells in one video. "The devil likes to watch children suffer and cry."

Duncan covered his face as parts of the video were shown, and jurors frequently shot him looks. Two of Duncan's standby attorneys also avoided looking at the screen.

Read this, It will make you a better person

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Slate: If You Don't Vote for Obama, You're a Racist

Well at least the Liberals are just saying it straight now. I mean what other reason could there possibly be for not voting for a 1/3 term Jr. Senator who is friends with a convicted terrorist to be the most powerful man in the world?

God I hate white Liberals. You want to say that not voting for Obama is racist, yet the main reason that he has risen so far so fast is because he is 1/2 black, and you know it. Go ask the man on the street who supports Obama: What are Barack Hussein Obama's qualifications, other than charisma and good public speaking, for being President of the United States of America?

*crickets chirping*

Slate.com: Racism is the only reason McCain might beat him.
What with the Bush legacy of reckless war and economic mismanagement, 2008 is a year that favors the generic Democratic candidate over the generic Republican one. Yet Barack Obama, with every natural and structural advantage in the presidential race, is running only neck-and-neck against John McCain, a sub-par Republican nominee with a list of liabilities longer than a Joe Biden monologue. Obama has built a crack political operation, raised record sums, and inspired millions with his eloquence and vision. McCain has struggled with a fractious campaign team, lacks clarity and discipline, and remains a stranger to charisma. Yet at the moment, the two of them appear to be tied. What gives?

If it makes you feel better, you can rationalize Obama's missing 10-point lead on the basis of Clintonite sulkiness, his slowness in responding to attacks, or the concern that Obama may be too handsome, brilliant, and cool to be elected. But let's be honest: If you break the numbers down, the reason Obama isn't ahead right now is that he trails badly among one group, older white voters. He does so for a simple reason: the color of his skin.
(via LGF link viewer)

Read this, It will make you a better person

TED: Peter Donnelly: How juries are fooled by statistics

Oxford mathematician Peter Donnelly reveals the common mistakes humans make in interpreting statistics -- and the devastating impact these errors can have on the outcome of criminal trials.

Read this, It will make you a better person

Obama Supporters Gather

Obama supporters heading for the Democrat convention.

Read this, It will make you a better person

Friday, August 22, 2008

American Prayer: Obama Music Video

I... you see... eh. These people are... What kind of moron... *sigh* Just watch it.

Yes, it is real (link to HuffPo, check out the comments). It was written by Dave Stewart and Bono.

(h/t Exuban League via LGF linkviewer)

Read this, It will make you a better person

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Newsweek: U.S. Olympic Uniforms are "Racist"

Ha! Liberals can't stand athletics, and they hate it when America wins, especially this twerp Sameer Reedy. To them it's not fair when America wins because we are so rich and powerful... Blah blah, Bush blah blah ILLEGAL WAR! Blah blah, blah blah blah Hitler blah blah 1936 blah blah Rove blah, blah quagmire blah blah blah blah Cheney! Blah blah blah military-industrial complex, blah blah racist, blah blah KKK, blah blah Exxon, blah Big Oil, blah blah...

Anyway, you can read this Left-Wing trash here if you want, but here is the relevant part:
The biggest sports-related news stateside has been the redesign of the U.S. uniforms by Ralph Lauren, who took the reins from Canadian company Roots. Lauren has built an empire by becoming the unofficial outfitter of the American Dream, marketing an idealized image of America's former ruling class to the nation at large. However, the WASP aesthetic he sells—think of characters from "The Great Gatsby," clothed in tennis whites and delicate tea dresses—has come to represent a classist and racist set of ideals, hardly representative of the current multicultural social fabric of the United States. A strange choice then, to redefine the U.S. team's visual identity in this way, even as it marches further away from the 20th century, when WASP power reached its peak. But if one stops to consider America's shaky status as the world's preeminent superpower, Lauren's nostalgic, retro creations begin to make more sense.
(h/t News Busters)

Read this, It will make you a better person

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Insects Cause Global Warming

Saw this here.

From the Times of India, 'Fighting roach king to control warming'
BANGKOK: More than 100 of Southeast Asia's hardiest bugs measured up this week in Bangkok, where experts met to discuss new ways of controlling the pests, which they say are a major contributor to global warming.

On the sidelines of this year's Pest Summit, insects vied for the title of King Cockroach and Termite Queen.

The chairman of the August 13-15 summit said the competition itself was an important exercise in pest control, while other highlighted the bugs' role in climate change. This year's summit brought with it a global message - insects cause climate change.

Suchart Leelayuthyotin, director of the Thailand Pest Management Association, said bugs are one of the main contributors to global warming because of the CO2 they emit when passing wind.

Read this, It will make you a better person

Friday, August 15, 2008

Victory For Allah's Warriors! Holy Freedom Fighters "Shoot Down" a Disposable UAV

Posted on Weasel Zippers.

No, this isn't a parody.

They claim a "sniper" shot it down, but since there are no bullet holes, it's likely they just found it.

Read this, It will make you a better person

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Google Maps Using the Clone Tool? Update: Explained

Saw this here.

I thought it was BS, or maybe a hoax, but then I looked for myself...

(click for larger images)

Update: galloping granny from LGF says:
Let me explain how this is done. For starters, these images are not produced by Google Maps, but by either NavTech or TeleAtlas, who provide identical data for UPS, FedEx, the Post Office, your TomTom, OnStar and other similar devices.

The images are put together from overhead imagery and available satellite photos. At TeleAtlas several hundred people are involved in stitching the images (called tiles) together so that roads line up, bridges are in the correct place and so on. Now and then, depending on the image, you will get artifacts like this because of the manipulation done to make landmarks appear in the right place.

Note: Several of my children either have been in the past or are currently employed by TeleAtlas.

Read this, It will make you a better person

Somali Illegal found Dead in Denver Hotel With a Pound of Sodium Cyanide-Not Terror Related says the FBI

Nothing to see here, move along citizen. Somali Muslims routinely cross the Canadian border illegally with enough sodium cyanide to kill hundreds of people and coincidentally set up shop in a major city where a huge political convention will take place in two weeks. He was probably just looking for a job as a chemist, you see.
Police confirmed Wednesday that they found about a pound of sodium cyanide in a Denver hotel room where the body of a Canadian man was discovered earlier this week.

Police spokesman John White identified the white powder as sodium cyanide, the crystal form of cyanide. Fire officials say they found a bottle containing about a pound of the white powder, or between a pint and a quart by volume.

An expert told the Denver Post that the amount of cyanide is enough to kill hundreds of people.

The medical examiner's office said it is awaiting test results to determine whether cyanide killed 29-year-old Saleman Abdirahman Dirie, of Ottawa, Canada.

His body was found Monday inside Room 408 at The Burnsley Hotel, which is about four blocks from the state Capitol. White said Dirie had been dead for several days. Friends told The Ottawa Sun that he was dead six days before he was discovered.

Foul play is not suspected and his death appears to be an isolated incident, White said.

The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force is assisting in the investigation but FBI spokeswoman Kathy Wright said the incident has no apparent connection to terrorism.

Read this, It will make you a better person

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Bush at the Olympics

John Edwards

So, John Edwards admitted that he's fucking around. I'm sure that the Russian-Georgian war and the start of the Olympics had nothing to do with the timing. I mean hey... an ambulance chasing metrosexual tort-lawyer turned senator lied? SHOCKA!

Read this, It will make you a better person

Chinese Muslim "Freedom Fighters" Kill 9 in Xinjang

If it were not for Israel or Bushitler, this wouldn't have happened of course.

China: Nine killed in explosion in Xinjiang
Nine people were reported to have been killed on Friday in an explosion in the northwest Chinese city of Ili, in the country's predominantly Muslim province of Xinjang.

Local sources told a correspondent from the Arab television network, al-Jazeera, that a big explosion occurred hours before the Olympic Games were due to begin in Beijing on Friday (Photo).

It was not immediately clear whether the explosion was caused by a deliberate attack or an accident.

A Jihadist group, Ansar al-Jihad, said on Thursday it planned to post a video related to attacks which killed 16 policemen in the restive northwestern Muslim region of Xinjiang on Monday.

Read this, It will make you a better person

Olympics Update

My heart is about to beat out of my chest. I flipped on the commie Olympics tonight, and I was treated to a Chinese woman, who was an American citizen, playing backgammon with this blond Canadian woman. The two commentators were trying to be excited, talking about how the "birdie" can leave the racket at 200mph, while I was looking at the same footage they were: A couple of spaghetti-armed apes randomly flailing a mutated tennis racket around. Somebody won a gold metal for this apparently... I don't remember which side won.

Then the drama switched to a bunch of women shooting fucking BB guns at circle targets at 100 feet-they sucked.

They were wearing what looked like cybernetic bio-suits from Universal Soldier, and a bank of LCD monitors to track their shots. The BB guns looked more complex to operate than .50 cal Barrett sniper rifles.

Now the drama had turned to a bunch of hermaphrodites trotting horses around while wearing outfits from A Clockwork Orange.

Apparently making a horse trot about in a circle and then in a straight line is an Olympic event.

Now, a co-ed soccer match is about to take place between Japan and the USA.

Read this, It will make you a better person

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

"it's only mist,"

Move along, citizen.
As Beijing's polluted air came close to exceeding levels even the Chinese consider dangerous yesterday, one of the International Olympic Committee's most senior figures dismissed the yellow-grey haze that periodically hangs over the city as mist, and blamed the media for overstating pollution problems.

Air quality in Beijing remains a big cause for concern three days before the start of the games. Members of the US athletics team arrived in the city wearing face masks yesterday and organisers are preparing to postpone or relocate endurance events including the marathon and road cycling if smog levels reach dangerous limits.

But yesterday Arne Ljungqvist, chairman of the IOC's medical commission, said he was confident that pollution would not harm athletes or visitors, and suggested media coverage had created a false impression of pollution levels.

"The mist in the air that we see in those places, including here, is not a feature of pollution primarily but a feature of evaporation and humidity," he told the IOC's annual session. "We do have a communication problem here. Once the misconception has become sort of established in the minds of people, it's not that easy to get the right message through.

"I would not discourage athletes from wearing protection devices if they are concerned, but I do not think it is necessary. I would not wear one whether I was an athlete or not." Two days of haze gave way to sunshine yesterday afternoon, but the official measure of air quality remained close to dangerous levels.
Related news;
U.S. cyclists "voluntarily" apologize for wearing smog-masks in public.Four US Olympic cyclists who caused an outcry when they arrived at Beijing airport wearing smog masks have today apologised to Games organisers.

The four - Mike Friedman, Bobby Lee, Sarah Hammer and Jennie Reed - said that they were wearing the masks because of pollution fears, a touchy subject for the Chinese authorities.

As the Chinese capital remains shrouded in smog today, Jim Scherr, the chief executive of the US Olympic Committee, revealed that the four had said sorry.

"It probably wasn’t the most opportune time for these athletes to wear these masks,” he said, adding they had written an apology to Beijing Olympic Organising Committee (BOCOG).

But US officials said they would not ban US athletes from using masks to combat pollution if they felt it was needed because of air quality conditions.

“They have the right to wear masks if they feel it’s in their best interest to do so,” Scherr said.

“Hopefully they won’t have to use them and the air quality will be good."
Anybody care to take a bet on how long it will be before a athlete is arrested for "unauthorized political activity"?

Read this, It will make you a better person

Criminal Mastermind Apprehended!

You see here
, if it were not for pimps, there would be no prostitutes.

Simple question: Why is sex-for-money illegal when there are no cameras?

Seriously... the prohibition of prostitution is even more ridicules than the prohibition of Pot.

Honestly, I don't see the difference between a hooker and a housewife, other than terms of contract.


P.S. You get my point, I hope.

Read this, It will make you a better person

Hurray For Socialist Health Care!

The BBC reports that U.K. hospitals are infested with rats, fleas, bedbugs, flies and cockroaches.

BBC: Hospitals 'infested with vermin'
Figures released by the Conservatives show that 70% of NHS Trusts brought in the pest controllers at least 50 times between January 2006 and March 2008.

Vermin were found in wards, clinics and even operating theatres. A patients' group said the situation was revolting.

But health chiefs played down fears the infestations could lead to disease.

The figures were obtained by the Conservatives under the Freedom of Information Act, with every hospital asked to reveal how often pest controllers had visited over the two-year period in question.
The Conservatives. No bias here.
One had wasps in a neo-natal unit, and flying ants on the main wards, while another reported rats in their maternity unit, and wasps in operating theatres.

A children's A&E was infested with flies, and main wards were also home to mice, silverfish, biting insects and beetles.

Other common problems included bedbugs, fleas and cockroaches.

Shadow health secretary Andrew Lansley said: "Labour have said over and over that they will improve cleanliness in our hospitals, but these figures clearly show that they are failing."

Both the Department of Health and the Health Protection Agency (HPA) were sceptical of suggestions by the Conservatives that the presence of insect infestations could help spread infections among patients.
I don't know how it works in the UK, but documents obtained via the Freedom of Information Act by Liberals in the USA are treated by the MSM as the Gospel Truth.

Read this, It will make you a better person

Paris Hilton Responds to McCain's New Ad

Saturday, August 02, 2008

TED-Stephen Hawking: Asking big questions about the universe

Friday, August 01, 2008

"African-Americans are disproportionately impacted by the effects of climate change"

[citation needed]

This man is the current House Majority Whip. (h/t DBKP)

Global Warming aside, I am constantly stunned by the ignorance of American politicians when it comes to science and technology, and their niggardly approach to educating themselves. Racial politics is sending reason down a black hole.

McCain says that he can't use a computer or the Internet, when the majority of homes in America have a computer, and many if not most have Internet access. This would be like Harry Truman saying in 1948 he doesn't know how to use a telephone or turn on a T.V. And this stooped old man is who the GOP selected for a candidate? Obama is going to wipe the floor with this guy come debate season.

I smell a conspiracy (a real one hehe) where the GOP is throwing this election hoping to come back in 2012 because they think (probably correctly) that Hussein can't clean up Bush's mess in 4 years.

I could go on for pages and pages about this, but instead I have a few ideas.

To start, anybody that is willing to spend 500 million dollars to get a 1/2 million dollar per-year job is highly suspect in my way of thinking. I don't know the statistics, but top-shelf lawyers make millions per year in America, and with a few exceptions, they do not seek public office-because they are making millions being top-shelf lawyers. Or lobbyists. Or "consultants."

I think a lot of politicians that achieve high-office might start out idealistic, but soon realize that they can not remain in power without greasing the wheels of the political machine. Not that this is new thinking, the Greeks wrote about this over 2000 years ago.

Like a drug, they are addicted to the power and fame. Like a heroin addict that will sell his $200 T.V. for a few hits of smack, these people will bankrupt the American taxpayer to stay in office another term. There needs to be a nation-wide intervention.

This is what I propose (yeah this would take some Constitutional amendments):

House Reps. and Senators are limited to two terms; period, forever. You can be in the House for two terms, and the Senate for two terms, however. After that, you're done with Congress.

Federal Appellate Court justices and prosecutors are no longer appointed by the President, but elected by the people in the judicial circuits.

Something else that needs to end are "bans" at the city and state level without a popular vote. Smoking in public, plastic bags, trans-fat, etc. These things should be left up to the community. And don't give me any shit like: "Well LOL! You elected them!!1 Thats there job!11! Lol."

If I don't like smoke, I won't drink there. If I don't like trans-fat, I wont eat there. If I think plastic bags are going to destroy the Earth, I won't request them when I buy my groceries. If I think that incandescent light-bulbs are causing Global Warming, I will buy compact florescent bulbs. I don't need some slack-jawed, drooling ape that happened to be elected to a city council or state senate to decide what's good for me.


Read this, It will make you a better person