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Thursday, April 27, 2006

An Open Mind…

There is a well known phrase that goes something like this:

“A mind is like a parachute, it only works if it’s open.”

I say:

“An open mind is like whore, it will let anybody in to fuck it.”


Read this, It will make you a better person

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

April 5th, A Special Day

*** This is my first post in a long time. To be frank, I couldn't think of anything to write, until today...***

April 5th is a special day to me. It is analogous to Juneteenth for the Negro’s, or Moses leading the Jews across Red Sea, from my point of view. On this day I was freed from my prison, and released from the feted shackles of the Red Dragon; no longer subject to the fiery torments and sadistic tortures of the Evil One. When I become EOTE, (Emperor of the Earth) this day, April 5th, will be the most sacred holiday, by my decree.

On this day, the Chariot of Freedom arrived to transport me back to my homeland, my sanctuary. By riding swift through the night, shielded by the cloak of the moonless spring; I had arrived safe at home, safe at last from the Witch Demon.

Today marks the forth annum of my freedom.

Ah, how I remember my sojourn to home! Soon after departure, I was driving the chariot, as my rescuer was exhausted from his trip south, we encountered a raging tempest; the bolts of Thor crashing down, the rains fowling the path, the thunder like the scornful laugh of a cynical God, mocking my journey for his own amusement. Soon, however, the storm was over and we carried on, myself guiding the reins of the Freedom Chariot, while my rescuer lay in slumber, exhausted from his trip to rescue me from the center of Hell.

We had to stop at an inn for food, as we were famished, and the chariot needed repair. While many harlots and their employers surrounded us, we managed to finish our meal and journey onwards, without the employment of the low women. Pity.

The rest of the journey was peaceful, and frankly, uneventful. I was allowed to sleep in the chariot driver'’s castle for two days, whilst my room was prepared at mine.

I lived happily ever after.

Emperor Thomas III

Read this, It will make you a better person