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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Liberal Quiz, Part 1: Multiple Choice

Are you a degenerate communist, a filthy, STD infected liberal? Take this quiz to find out!

1) Thomas Jefferson was:

A. a minor president from Virginia
B. the architect of the United States Constitution
C. a wealthy slave trader
D. like a British spy and shit

2) Islam is:

A: the religion of peace and tolerance
B. a destructive, evil cult founded by a psychopathic rapist and murderer
C. the future of America
D. like one of the religions of the world that we should understand and embrace and shit

3) The 9/11 attacks on the USA was:

A: the logical result of the USA’s Middle East policy
B: a declaration of war on the west by radical Islam
C. a vast conspiracy by Bush to increase Halliburton’s stock by $1 per share
D. like a Jew conspiracy and shit

4) The Western Mass-Media is:

A: the 4th branch of government
B: not to be trusted because of their proven liberal, anti-west bias
C: the only source of true and factual information
D: like cool, you find out shit going on and shit

5) Feminism is:

A: the movement to topple the patriarchy that enslaves women
B: the belief that women should be treated equally
C: the right to not shave arm pits and legs, and the active resistance against sexuality
D: like the right of women to establish a Marxist based matriarchy and shit

6) Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and Mark Levin are:

A: fascist, racist, ultra-right wing, mean spirited hate-mongers
B: popular conservative talk radio personalities
C: puppets of Bush and his evil regime
D: like dudes on the AM radio and shit

7) Hillary Clinton is:

A: the only person in America capable of being president
B: an ultra-liberal, socialist fraud that no thinking American would support as president
C: the leftist Avatar that has the best chance for being the first female American president
D: like Bill Clinton’s wife and shit

Click here if your answer to every question was “B”

If not, click here

More to come

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Friday, August 04, 2006

Some Thoughts on Global Warming

While the evidence mounts that human activities have caused the average global temperature to rise by about .6 degrees Celsius, I remain skeptical about the extent of our influence on the global climate. It has been demonstrated scientifically that there is a direct correlation between the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and a corresponding rise in global temperature. In the last hundred years, the oceans have been rising, glaciers continue to melt, and I acknowledge this is fact; however what turns me off is how liberal Democrats and the mass media hammer on this issue ad nauseum. The mass media and liberals view the public as dumb peasants and serfs anyway, but they are even more patronizing and condescending when the issue of global warming is raised.

Global warming is a key political issue with Democrats and the biased liberal mass media, and in their effort to “educate” the public about the issue, they have infected the publics thinking to the point where any seemingly “unusual” weather event is a result of global warming! Even today, somebody that I work with commented that the cause of the current heat wave was global warming! As you can imagine, when I told her downtown Kansas City has only recorded a few record temperatures this summer, and that this current heat wave withers to insignificance compared to what happened in 1980, I was met with a blank stare. Its called "summer", Google it!

What bothers me most is that global warming and its consequences, whatever the cause, is becoming a reality and the Democrats and liberal media are using the issue to advance their agenda, often using spurious reasoning and pseudoscience. The real scientists that can demonstrate proof of global warming loose legitimacy because their findings are heralded with utter righteousness by the environmental fringe such as Earth First! and Greenpeace, then the sloppy seconds are taken by the mass media and the Democrat spin-doctors to distort the legitimate research of these scientists to further their political agenda. In that respect, I feel that many conservative Republicans, and especially the Christian right, are just as guilty of dismissing the scientific evidence of global warming out of hand for no other reason than because the vast majority of liberals support the theory.

As a people, if we want to reach a consensus on the issue of climate change, what has to happen is that the Democrats and mass media needs to stop connecting every “extreme” meteorological event to global warming, and the conservative right needs to stop scoffing at any scientific research
as “leftist propaganda” that suggests the Earth is in fact heating up.

The next 10 years will be telling, and for now I am reserving my final opinion.

-Tommy Masterson

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