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Thursday, September 28, 2006

What a Week!

Well I just saw that they made a movie about my idol, Idi Amin; starring Forest Whitaker? Why not, this man is a great performer, and one of the most underrated actors in the history of Hollywood. The book that the movie was based on was published in 1998, and I am somewhat surprised that it took this long to make it in to a movie… starring Forest Whitaker?

I am very stunned by this, but I can’t think of anyone better to portray Amin, except maybe Charles S. Dutton. Whitaker may be too soft to play Amin, since he usually portrays sensitive characters, while Dutton looks the part, and has served time in prison for manslaughter, even if he is a bit old.

On to other news, I turned 30 years old this week; MSNBC (Marxist Socialist National Broadcasting Syndicate) posted an article from Reuters about it:

That’s the original Reuters report, and it was taken down after I threatened to sue them.

What else… well I was board and created this video:

Update: al-YouTube has deleted my video, commie bastards!

The Sims 2 is just about my favorite game ever. Yes that is Alizee, in the video, and the other is the girl I ganked the ICP video from.

I saw that in Belgium there were 3 days of riots involving “youths” of “North African decent”, and in Germany, a Mozart performance was cancelled because of fears of Muslim violence. You people have beat back attack after attack from Islamists for the last 1200 years, but NOW you are rolling over and playing dead, burying your heads in the sand like an ostrich in a cartoon? At this point the only hope for Western Europe is German Prime Minister Merkel. I would like to see a Muslim try to force her to don a Hijab. The British should put “The Iron Lady” back in power, even if she doesn’t want it. Do you think Thatcher would sit by and drink tea while thugs dressed in turbans and bandannas marched in the streets of London waving placards that said “Islam Will Dominate”, “Slaughter Those That Insult Islam”, “Europe You Will Pay, Your 9/11 Is On Its Way”, “Freedom Go To Hell”? She would have sent in the police and if need be the SAS to sweep these criminals off the streets like that trash that they are.

Here look at this shit:

"Death to France"? Ain't that their enclave?

What a world.


Protest photo's from www.faithfreedom.org

Read this, It will make you a better person

Friday, September 22, 2006

How Much Can a Man Take?

I know, I know in the past I have gone on and on about Alizee, but lordy! I can watch her videos for hours. I am convinced that overall, Alizee is the most attractive woman in the history of the world, period, with a capital P. What is she singing about? I have no idea, I don’t speak French. Here, check this:

You're a fag if you dislike this photo:

"Tommy, she's just another woman," they like to say. No, she is not! This is Alizee!

This young lady is the pinnacle of womanhood, and the avatar of femininity. Dare I say a true role model for all western women to follow? Alizee is sexy, but not a slut. Talented and graceful, her charms mesmerize hundreds of thousands of people. Alizee is graceful and elegant, and a gaze from her eyes would stop a charging rhino dead in its tracks. Any creature on Earth would be happy to die, if the last thing they saw was Alizee’s smiling face.


Alizee speaks good English too! Check out this cover of Madonna:

What man could resist?

Ahh, Alizée Jacotey, while I despise your communist government, you are a beacon of light to all western men.

-Tommy Masterson

P.S. I removed a photo that the MoD told me was altered with Photoshop. A pity, but he was right. Click here to see the picture in question.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Vegas, Baby! Part 3

Quite a collection I must say:

So I’m trying to decide what I want for the night (Asian, Latino, etc.) and I can’t get the other guy to go to his room. I decided to call the MOD and thought that maybe if I was on the phone he would get the hint, no. I started drinking more rum and thought that I could get at least a stripper team over I would be ok. I then realized how worn out I was, and went to bed.

Saturday was completely wasted, I didn’t do shit but watch movies, until the evening. I thought I would have some fun, so I pooled my resources:

Hooker Time!

Getting back through the airport was a nightmare. I had a limo ride to the airport, but had to wait in line with all the other peons. The queue to check-in would have disgraced the most inefficient bread line in the Soviet Union during WW II.

Once at home, I started waiting on my new computer, and it finely came last week!

All things considered, it has been a good month, I think.


Read this, It will make you a better person

Vegas, Baby! Part 2

Well, I started looking through the local Yellow Pages “escort” listings and found what I was looking for:

Viva Las Vegas baby, yeah!

The next morning I had to go to the meeting which was very productive, considering that I had one hell of a hang-over. I got back to the room at about 2pm, and got ready for my next mission: The Nevada Test Site Atomic Testing Museum.

The contents of the museum are for another post, but rest assured if you find your self in Las Vegas and have a few hours to kill, it’s well worth the $10 for admission (especially if you’re a dork like me). What I did not consider is how I would get back to the hotel. We were about 5 miles from the Mandalay and this place was in kind of a bad part of town. We ate a Jack in the Box (a rare treat), and started huffing it back toward The Strip.

Along the way I started picking up hooker ads, and was just taking in the sites. After about an hour we came to this place called “Terrible’s” where we thought we could catch a cab. There were no cabs to be found so, we started a trek to the Hard Rock which seemed close, but wasn’t. Once we got in range,

I noticed a beer store across the way, so I went over there and bought an overpriced bottle of Bacardi. We started walking again in the direction of The Strip where I was accosted by a couple of crack-heads for spare change. I tried to give one my change, but he got pissed and said,

“What!? You think I a beggar, asking fo’ change?” I dropped the change in to his hand and said, “You asked for change, man,”
the crack-head started flexing his arms and yelled, “I’m a cop-killa, bitch! I don’t need shit from nobody!”

At this point he started mumbling to himself and beating his chest, so I crossed the street to the Hard Rock and took a tour of the place; very cool joint. We were able to catch a cab there back to the Mandalay.

I got some sodas and drank rum in my room for a few hours then decided to go play some poker. The tables at the Mandalay were backed up so we took the tram over to the Luxor and were able to get right on a $2-$4 limit table. I won about $150 there, and about 2:30am decided to head back to the room...

(continue to part 3)

Read this, It will make you a better person

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Vegas, Baby! Part 1

About a six weeks ago, I received a nice bonus check. This could not have come at a better time, as I was flying out to Las Vegas for a consultation, AND my motherboard got fried the day after I received my cheddar. I ordered a new system from CyberPower, and prepared myself for long nights of poker and prostitutes.

I flew out to Nevada on Thursday the 24th with another consultant and caught the company limo to the Mandalay Bay where we had a 2-bedroom suite reserved. This was the view from my bedroom:
(The green tint comes from the gold inlaid on the outside windows)

These are pictures of my Jacuzzi and the dining area leading to my bedroom:

I had to be at work the next day, so I thought it a capital idea to go drinking and take the tram to the Luxor. The tram could almost be considered a ride, because if you’re not holding on to anything, you may well get tossed to the back. Once I arrived, I got this picture. I’m pretty sure everybody gets this one, and I am ashamed that it came out so blurry:

I dropped $100 at the Let it Ride table, then walked over to the Excalibur:

Back at the room I started thinking about calling a hooker, but my roommate wanted to talk about chicks we work with. Blaah! I humored him for awhile, and he got so drunk that he finally went to his room, so…

(continue to part 2)

Read this, It will make you a better person

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Excerpts from the News

I follow the news like a crack whore after a $10 trick, but this week has been amazing. Here are some excerpts from various stories reported this week:

America and the World Remembers 9/11

The AP

Americans gathered at “ground zero” in New Your City this week to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the worst attack on American soil that has occurred (George W. Bush was president) in American history. While the loved ones of the dead held a candle light vigil in remembrance of the fallen, and the two towers that symbolized American economic power and big business (completed while Republican Gerald Ford was in office) proved …

Bush Approval Rating Improves Slightly


Riding an annual wave of patriotism in the U.S., George Bush’s approval rating ticked slightly upward 3 points to 41%, after sharply plummeting 2 points early last month, according to a Gallup poll…

Israeli Police Fire on Protesters During Peace Rally


IDF troops fired chemical-gas weapons at a group of Palestinian civilians and Hamas protesters during a march in Jerusalem against the recent conflict with the Lebanese freedom-fighter group Hezbollah. Spokesperson Ari Gold claimed that the army only fired “tear gas” at the protesters after a few of the 10,000 in attendance tossed some stones at the heavily armored troopers…

Army Private Faces Rape, Sodomy Charge


A United States Army soldier faces one count of statutory rape, and one count of sodomy after the 19-year-old private was caught receiving oral sex from his 17-year-old girl friend at a drive-in theater, Bumfawq police reported Friday. The soldier (who was in Iraq for one month) will appear in court on Friday…

Bush Delivers Speech to Iraq Veterans


In an effort to gather dropping support for the “war on terror”, President Bush delivered a speech to thousands of American soldiers (many of whom were maimed and disfigured), mostly veterans of the Iraq war and contributors to the Republican Party. During his prepared speech, Bush said:

"America is at war. We will fight… anybody… that threatens our… oil… and… other… business… interests in… the Middle East,"

Democrats: Clinton to be Next President


Several progressive Democratic leaders have in recent days indicated that Hillary Clinton will become the 44th President of the United States. A strategy meeting was held today to decide the best way to overthrow the Republican junta in the Congress, and the Bush/Cheney regime that currently occupies the White House…

Well that's the news thats fit to print, it seems.


Read this, It will make you a better person

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Not News: More Bias

So Katie "there's more of me to love" Couric started presenting the CBS Evening News eh? I call her a presenter because she is not a journalist. No, she's not, ass wipe. Anyway, CBS has yet another party hack to help them distort the "news". This seems to me to be a cheap attempt to boost ratings for CBS (Communist Broadcasting Syndicate). I'm sure it will work for a time, but I am also sure that her liberal bias will turn off even more viewers than before. Trust me this show was already in the tank before Dan Rather got him self fired, excuse me, retired, and there is a reason why. The CBS Evening News is known widely as having the most biased liberal reporting in the American Main-Stream Television Media. The CBS Evening News makes CNN look like a live reading of Mein Kampf. Everybody seems to know this except liberals whom think that this "news program" is the "middle of the road".

While liberal bias is at times hard to detect, I would like to share with you an excerpt from a story today on MSNBC.COM that shows that they too have a liberal bias (big suprise). This article is a critique of Couric's first performance as anchor, but as it continues that subtle bias becomes quite obvious:

Commentary creates demand for equal time
Couric also did a segment with Thomas Friedman of The New York Times in which he opined on the state of the world. Friedman is a brilliant journalist and commentator, but again, this is supposed to be a news broadcast and not Charlie Rose. Friedman works for the Times, which is perceived by many as being liberal. So to be fair, Couric probably also should have somebody on who is from the Washington Times or Wall Street Journal, which is conservative.

Did you catch it? Here it is again with the relevant parts highlighted:
Commentary creates demand for equal time
Couric also did a segment with Thomas Friedman of The New York Times in which he opined on the state of the world. Friedman is a brilliant journalist and commentator, but again, this is supposed to be a news broadcast and not “Charlie Rose.Friedman works for the Times, which is perceived by many as being liberal. So to be fair, Couric probably also should have somebody on who is from the Washington Times or Wall Street Journal, which is conservative.

There you go. Bias in one word: "perceived". So just in one word Michael Venture could have a non-astute reader thinking that the NYT is "perceived to be liberal", but the Washington Times and WSJ are conservative. That means a reader might think that the NYT is being unfairly judged as having a liberal bias, by such papers as the WSJ and the Washington Times. Clever eh? It's so clever that I really doubt that the author wrote it on purpose, because he's just not smart enough. This is the way he and his editors think, thats all. This is just one example in one story on one day. If you read carefully, you will see this sort of thing all the time in most of the Mass-Media. Now I understand that this article was a commentary, but he made a statement of fact that the WSJ and the Washington Times are conservative. He knows not that what he considers to be "middle of the road", the majority of Americas considers "liberal", so it is easy to understand why he considers the WSJ and Washington Times to be conservative: They report the news in a relatively fair way, but to the liberal media, thats just not fair at all.


P.S. Still have this borrowed computer. I have been playing GTA III on it, great fun!

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Friday, September 01, 2006


Well I fried my motherboard a couple of weeks ago. I have a new computer being built and I shall have it in about 2 weeks. Im on-line right now with a Pent-733mHZ 128mb system that my friend loaned me. I have some great pictures and even greater tirades coming soon! Death to Hamas! Death to Hizballah! Yall commies better watch out cuz when Im back, Im bring'n da' house!

Read this, It will make you a better person