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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Vegas, Baby! Part 3

Quite a collection I must say:

So I’m trying to decide what I want for the night (Asian, Latino, etc.) and I can’t get the other guy to go to his room. I decided to call the MOD and thought that maybe if I was on the phone he would get the hint, no. I started drinking more rum and thought that I could get at least a stripper team over I would be ok. I then realized how worn out I was, and went to bed.

Saturday was completely wasted, I didn’t do shit but watch movies, until the evening. I thought I would have some fun, so I pooled my resources:

Hooker Time!

Getting back through the airport was a nightmare. I had a limo ride to the airport, but had to wait in line with all the other peons. The queue to check-in would have disgraced the most inefficient bread line in the Soviet Union during WW II.

Once at home, I started waiting on my new computer, and it finely came last week!

All things considered, it has been a good month, I think.



Blogger Starfish Prime said...

After reading all of this I couldn't help but think: you gotta love "puters" ..

9/23/2006 12:10 PM  

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