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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I Just Became a Millionaire: Part 5 (FIN)

Inexplicably, I have yet to receive word from lawyer Pierre, mores the pity. I did receive in my inbox something rare, however; a phishing email. I was kind of excited because I almost never get them. This is even more pathetic than the woeful Mrs. Welsh’s pleas for me to take her 15 million! Here have a look:

Uh oh, better click that link or my account may be closed! But first, let’s make sure that the link really connects to Bank of America…

*Gasp* My god! What treachery is this!

The site is either off-line or has been shut down. I couldn’t ping it, no search engines brought it up, and I couldn’t connect directly. Here is a tip: If you are going phishing, you get better results if you have the line, worm, and hook attached to the pole.

-Tommy Masterson


Blogger Jim said...

I see by the photo of your desktop that you play World of Warcraft. Haha!

-Jim, aka "Halle" lvl 60 Warlock, Vek'nilesh.

8/02/2006 5:29 PM  

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