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Friday, June 09, 2006


Yesterday, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was sent to explain his misdeeds to Allah, curtsey of the United States Air Force. While Iraqis celebrated in the streets, (the ones that weren’t getting bombed) and the free peoples of the world shared smiles and high-fives, there remain a few questions about “what this all means”.

Q. Will Zarqawi become a martyr?
A. Yes, but consider that all martyrs have one thing in common: They are all dead.

Q. Will this end the violence in Iraq?
A. No it will not, this will reduce the effectiveness of Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Q. What did the air strike accomplish?
A. The air strike killed a psychopathic Islamist thug and several of his lackeys, whom were responsible for hundreds, if not thousands of deaths in Iraq.

Q. Will Zarqawi’s death become a “lighting rod” for radical Islam?
A. The lightning rod for “radical” Islam was written 1400 years ago, it’s called the Koran. Google it.

Since the Free People of the West (Americans, Britons, and Australians) collectively have the attention spans of ghetto crack heads, and are addicted to “Reality T.V.”, I have decided to share with you some of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s Greatest Hits, to remind you of why Zarqawi deserved death.

Disclaimer: The following content is extremely graphic! Do not play the videos if you have a weak stomach, do not wish to know the truth of the world outside your little bubble, are a pathological Islam apologist, a liberal, under the age of 18, or like to bury your head in the sand and forget about the threat we face.

I now present to you, the Religion of Peace!

Eugene Armstrong:

"God is Great! God is Great!"

Nick Berg

Again, during the slaughter, you can clearly hear these Muslims giving praise to God while cutting off Nick's head.

Ken Bigley

What threat was this eldery English man to the Religion of Peace?

Shosei Koda

Why was Shosei murdered? He's not White, so there must be some other reason...

Had Enough? Too Bad...

Kim Sun-il

Not a White person either, but the shouts of "ALLAHU ACKBAR!" (God is Greatest) remain the same. The shouts of this man pleading for his life brought tears to my eyes, and may be the most harrowing thing I have seen in my entire life.

On June 7, 2006 the debt of honor to these people was paid in full by the United States.

Rot in hell, Zak.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

booyakasha! well done. this should be required viewing for american kids as young as kindergarten! a...real...life...boogey man! do your math or zarqawi will come and GETCHA!

6/10/2006 3:03 AM  

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