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Friday, May 26, 2006

The Enemies of Freedom: Part 1

Below are two people that need to be locked-up for our protection. They are Islamist apologists, pseudo-communists, and PAC whores in positions of power. The free peoples of the Western world must stand up against enemies like these, or we will watch our civilization crumble to pieces before our eyes.

1: George Galloway, United Kingdom

George Galloway is a member of the British Parliament, and is well-known for his socialist politics. This man has been a vigorous defender of Saddam Hussein and of Hitlerite Islamists in general. George’s views are so far to the left, that he was drummed out of the socialist British Labour Party.

George is currently the Tsar of the communist RESPECT party, and if he had his way, he would lead a Bolshevik revolution in the United Kingdom to transform the U.K. in to a communist country, on the model of the USSR.

George has been quoted that the murder of Prime Minister Tony Blair by Islamic terrorists would be “morally justified”, while claiming that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. This scumbag needs to be hung for treason. Can you imagine what Winston Churchill would do with a slime ball like George Galloway? Not coddle his Scottish ass, I assure you. Next!

2: Hillary Clinton, United States

Hillary Clinton is a treasonous Democratic United States Senator for New York, and spouse to former United States President, William “Bill” (Slick Willy) Jefferson Clinton.

Hillary has been accused of money-laundering and fraud, and is well known as a socialist, pro-Islamist and anti-Semite. Hillary want's the U.S. Constitution thrown out, and for our county to be ruled by the U.N.

Despite all of this, in the year 2000, the liberal geniuses and pseudo-intellectuals of New York City decided to make this carpet-bagger a fucking United States Senator.

Nation wide, nearly 50% of the women of the United States would elect this communist as the President of the U.S., simply because she is perceived as a “strong woman”, and “it is time” for a female president.

Hillary Clinton seeks to be ‘Czarina Hillary the Great, of the Socialist States of America.’ She wants the United States to be a communist county. Hillary is attempting to, and is succeeding at, polarizing her Caucasian and minority constituents, taking advantage of their shallow liberal views, and using this sentiment as a vessel to propagate her Marxist agenda. Hillary should be hung for sedition along with George!

These “politicians” are enemies of the United States, the United Kingdom, and every person of the western free world.

-T. Masterson

***Disclaimer: The preceding post was satirical commentary. Tommy Masterson does not advocate the physical death of any person mentioned in this post, nor advocates any type of government, real or fictional.***

Just kidding, Tommy "Kill a Commie" Masterson will not apologize for speaking The Truth!


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