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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

“The Religion of Peace”

At this point, if you are not quite sure what “faith” I am about to go off on when I write “The Religion of Peace”, and “faith” in suspiciously sarcastic quotation marks, I assume that you:

A: Only watch Animal Planet and CNN
B: Only use the internet for porn or trolling for pre-teens on Myspace
C: Have been brainwashed by the ACLU and CAIR
D: Are a Marxist liberal scumbag
E: All of the above

I want to show you a photograph:

This is an enemy of the United States of America and the rest of the free world; I hope I am not going to fast for you.

If you are an American, Briton, Canadian, Australian, or anybody else that lives in a free country and is not completely disgusted by this picture, do not bother to read any further, you are already lost.

One of my favorite quotes is: “The great masses of the people... will more easily fall victims to a great lie than to a small one.” This is a great truism spoken by a white European man that used an Islamic genocide in Armenia as a blue print for his own atrocities: Adolf Hitler. If you haven’t guessed it yet, the great lie that the west is falling for is that Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance. Still not sure? Behold the peace and tolerance of Islam:

Very succinct, the toy scimitar is a nice touch. What do you think this mother is teaching her children? Not “love thy neighbor”, I assure you.

Islam is a death-cult that was founded by a psychopathic, schizophrenic, rapist pedophile. This is nearly historical fact. Mohammed had sex with at least one nine year-old girl, saw and spoke to “djinns” (demons), was responsible for the slaughter of thousands of people, was a slave-trader, and as an act of kindness, raped and “married” a young woman as a favor to her, because Mohammed and his followers had killed her entire family, including her husband. Why? Because they would not submit to Allah and his Prophet (peace be unto him). So to show his kindness, Mohammed took this woman to be one of his wives, because she had nobody left to protect her.

This picture is from the Islamic “Mother of the Year” awards held in 2004:

How Cute!

Before I continue, I do not want to hear about “mistranslations” of the Koran, or about how Islam has been “hijacked" (VERY ironic term) by extremists. I really do not want to hear about how the violence in Islam compares to Christianity or other religions. I contend that Islam is a cult because:

1:Once a “believer”, if you become a heretic, it is the Holy Duty of other members to kill you if you do not recant (this is state law in several countries).
2: It is your Holy Duty to use fear and terror to convert or subjugate into slavery (slavery is tacitly allowed in many Muslim countries, even African ones) unbelievers. They will join or die.
3: The group’s Holy Book is the absolute word of God as told to the prophet Mohammed, and not to be questioned. To question the word of God is to invite instant death.
4: Holy War (jihad) is the prime duty of every member.
5: You are not allowed to be friends with any non members, including family: In fact you are required to hate and despise them.
6: You are forced to follow the teachings of a charismatic “perfect man” who is the mouth-piece of God (whom you get on your knees and pray to 5 times per day).
7: If you die while waging jihad, you will be rewarded in the after-life. In fact the more unbelievers your slaughter, the more you are rewarded

This could go on for a long time, but these are some basics. You are not a true Muslim or even a “moderate” if you disagree with any of the above.

Here is another happy photo:

This is your child on Islam

If you want the following to be the law in your country, please stand up:

1: Women are the property of their husbands or fathers, and can be killed at will for dishonoring their families, especially by allowing them selves to be raped.
2: Disrespecting the Koran or speaking ill of Mohammed or Allah will result in summary execution
3: If you are convicted of theft, your hand will be chopped off by a sword.
4: All other religions other than Islam are banned. If you practice anything else, the best you can expect is a beating. Example:

This man was later killed

Here is some Muslims holding the intestines of a Jew they just disemboweled:

That’s wrong! Let’s call the ACLU!

If you do not believe the above, read the Koran and the Hadith’s for yourself, and read about the peace and tolerance of Islam as well as the “peaceful” life of Mohammed, and the “tolerance” he showed to others.

The pictures are from a great site to learn the truth of Islam: www.faithfreedom.org



Blogger ordinarygirl said...

I've known Christians just as fanatical. People will use any excuse to be assholes. I bet you could do a good job of picking apart the old testament with the same analysis.

I bet even Shintos have a skeleton in their closet.

Note: That does not excuse any of the behavior noted in the post.

5/10/2006 10:26 AM  
Blogger Venjanz said...

Yeah the Old Testament is good reading, and has a wealth of verifiable historical facts, (and lots of good stories) but I give it little thought when it comes to prophecy. No thinking person believes that the Earth was created in 144 hours, was once completely covered by water, that the entire Human race could be spawned from 2 people, or that David’s dreams had any meaning beyond the fact that he was likely smoking hashish, etc. I think it IS interesting that when somebody speaks ill of Islam in the west, a common reaction is to compare the cult of Muhammad to Christianity. Are the crimes of Islamists excused because Christians once acted the same way? This is a logical fallacy. You wisely added that disclaimer at the end of your comment, but still I see this pattern a lot. I have an equally scathing indictment of the Roman Catholic Church coming soon.

As far as Shintos go, I wouldn’t doubt you because even Buddhists can go wrong: Read about Chizuo Matsumoto AKA Shoko Asahara


5/13/2006 12:31 AM  
Anonymous mod said...

You've known Christians who have ripped apart human beings and passed around their guts? Christians who have killed women who allowed themselves to be raped? (I hope you went to the police, that is highly illegal behavior, and they should be put behind bars) I'm sorry, I understand what you are saying. I've heard just as fanatical things out of "Christians" but there is a huge difference. Yes, a very small number of people who call themselves Christian, a fraction of a fraction of a percent, might do something horrible, but these people are insane. I mean literally, they have actual real mental problems. Also, when these acts are committed, there is ineveitbly a huge outcry from the Christian community against them. In contrast, there are millions of Muslims who not only support the acts described, they endorse it. We are not talking here about random unfortunates who have been mentally damaged or the random Christians you have known who like to "talk the talk". It's not even a whole country, this is a whole region of the world in which this extremism lives, thrives and breeds.

There's a cliche thing to say, that Islam has been hijacked by extremists. Thats fun to say, and makes you feel good, but its not true. Islam, if anything has been hijacked by moderates. Like Masterson said in his little rant, the group’s Holy Book is the absolute word of God as told to the prophet Mohammed, and not to be questioned, not to be interepreted. I really believe that it is in human nature to want to live in peace, and that is why there are many, many moderate Muslims, but the problem there is that that goes against the Koran, therefore making a moderate Muslim not a Muslim at all, in the scripture of their own book.

What will it take for people to understand what we are up against here. I think...no, I KNOW that what is going on now is much bigger than most of "us" think. It is easy to feel pity and sympathy, and remorse for what is happening in Iraq, and soon in Iran because of our military and economic superiority. Despite 9/11, most of us still feel safe in America, and though I can't speak for them, probably most European countries as well. But it isn't going to always be that way. What we are in now is not a war against terrorism, or a war for oil, or an imperialistic conquest, or whatever. We are in the beginning stages of a culture war the likes the world has never seen...I think. (No, not a holy war either, sorry to disappoint the jiadists out there. I don't know many Americans willing to die for their religeon, but many would be willing to die for their way of life) Iran has publicly and quite boisterously stated that Isreal should be blown off the map. They feel no less warmly twords America. No other nation with nuclear capablilities, not even North Korea has made such viscious statements to the world. To everyone else with nuclear weapons, again, even North Korea, have these weapons as defense, deterents, and strategic assets, not as an offensive means to rid the world of an entire race who happens to rub them the wrong way.

I hope that we as a nation...and a culture can open our eyes. Im not trying to be inflamitory or anything like that, but these Islamists know exactly what they are fighting for, what they are up against. and what they want, and none of us seem to. We want to appease, compare, and feel guilt over our past instead. If anyone thinks that an Islamic government can threaten to wipe out an entire race, but that they will just "leave us alone if we leave them alone" that is just crazy. While none of us may be willing to die for Christ, if we just go away and ignore whats happening in the Middle East, well, we can watch our way of life dissappear, into a cloud of smoke...just like...oh wait, yeah just like... never mind.

5/13/2006 3:03 AM  
Blogger ordinarygirl said...

"You've known Christians who have ripped apart human beings and passed around their guts? Christians who have killed women who allowed themselves to be raped? (I hope you went to the police, that is highly illegal behavior, and they should be put behind bars)"

No, I don't know anyone who has done that, but I guarantee you it's been done in the name of Christianity during history. I've known Christians that have beaten their wives and made them miscarry because women are "evil". I've known Christians that have beaten children that were mentally retarded because the only reason someone would be that disfunctional is if God willed it.

I'm not excusing Islam or anyone who behaves in an abhorrant fashion. But people behave badly despite a religious belief or in any relgion.

5/16/2006 1:57 PM  
Blogger Venjanz said...

To me, a Christian is a follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Bam! That’s it. Forget the Old Testament, and take most of the New Testament with a train of salt. Read the Gnostic gospels that were systematically buried by the Romans, never mind the fluff that is in the 4 canon gospels and the rest of the New Testament, and just pay attention to what Jesus said. To me, a person that takes his teachings to heart and tries to follow in his example is a Christian. No person who is a student of Jesus would ever beat their wife and/or children, molest kids, or kill people just because they aren’t Christians. Much less conquer territory by force of arms, take slaves… Can you imagine Jesus condoning any of these things? Of course not! Jesus did not teach these things because they are wrong. I think that most of humanity would agree that beating your wife and children, sexually molesting kids, and killing people that do not share your beliefs are wrong. I am pretty sure that most normal people would agree that anybody whom does these things is not a follower of Jesus and therefore is not a Christian.

Now the other side of the coin.

Mohammed Ibn-Abdullah, that 1/6 of the world claims follows teaches of through words and actions, believes that:

Slavery is God’s law

Killing unbelievers is God’s will

Having sex with children is acceptable

The best way to spread the Word of God is through terror, war and domination

The servitude of women to men is God’s will, and beating women is the best way to discipline them… Your duty is to kill them if they dishonor you

Need I go on?

You are not a Muslim if you do not believe these things, just as you are not a Christian if you do.

The difference between Christians and Muslims is right there in the text of the Bible and the Koran /Hadiths. Jesus tells us to love, Mohammed tells us to hate. Forget the actions of mankind, and focus on what teachings you… better yet what you would teach your children:

“Love thy neighbor as you love yourself…” -Jesus

“Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them…” –Mohammed

The choice is yours.

5/19/2006 1:26 AM  
Blogger Jim said...

I would posit that these atrocities are the result of a state-sponsored fundamentalist religion. Christianity has been guilty of just such horrors when the governments were aligned with the church. (Spanish Inquisition, The Crusades, old testament, Europe Imperialism are good examples.)

Islam today is just another such situation. Christianity, if it became fully state-sponsored, has the potential of relapsing into its crusade days.

To me, the chronic enemy is not Islam. It is state-sponsored religion.

5/19/2006 10:26 AM  
Blogger Venjanz said...

Like ordinarygirl, you have a couple of good points on Christianity and religion in general. The authors of the Bill of Rights realized this as well, and in fact they thought that the protection from government interference in religion should be the first right of an American:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…

Again, I agree with you that Christianity has a brutal history, and that there should be no state-sponsored religions. However, I once must reiterate my point that while Christianity has had many murderous extremists, Jesus never taught anybody to murder, enslave, beat, torture, etc. Mohammed not only taught these things, he tells his followers that they are commandments from Allah! Everybody please save your comments on Christianity for when I do my Catholic post in the near future

5/20/2006 1:26 AM  
Anonymous mod said...

Very well put TM. That is exactly what I was trying to say without all the crazy rambling.

I think the point is being missed here. The point isn't that Christians can be have badly, or that some do, or what whom has done to whom in the past.

Of course I agree that the atrocities mentioned thus far are inexcusable, for anyone. But that isn't the point either.

The point is:
Christians who behave in said ways are not acting on behalf of their religion, whether they claim to be or not.

Muslims who behave in said ways are acting on behalf of their religion.

The teachings of Jesus and Mohammad could not be more different. I would challenge anyone to find any call to violence from anything Jesus supposedly said.

I also think that it is fine and dandy that you do not think of Islam as an enemy, especially since as a non-believer, you are considered an enemy to Islam. That is actually a very...dare I say Christian...attitude. I however have no religion, and if I am considered an enemy to someone or something, then I most certainly consider them an enemy. Even doubly so if I my only fate is to be slaughtered and to serve my murdurers in the afterlife for not believing.

5/20/2006 7:23 PM  
Blogger ordinarygirl said...

You forget one big difference between the Bible and the Koran. The words of Jesus weren't written by Jesus, they were written by Jesus' followers many years after his death. It is their interpretation of his words, not his words themselves. The Koran was written by Mohammed himself. There is no room for mis-interpretations or "prettying up" the text.

Now I'm not saying that Jesus did horrible things and there is a great consipiracy (although the story about the fig tree is very odd). Just there are more writings of Jesus than are accepted by the Catholic/Christian church that show a less charitable side.

If you pick and chose what you want to believe from a religion, surely you can make it into anything you want.

5/24/2006 8:59 AM  
Blogger Venjanz said...

Please read the following a pay special attention to section 9. Most non-Mohammidians are not even aware that there are other Islamic Holy books other than the Koran, and for good reason. This information is intentionally kept hidden from kafurs because If we knew that these thugs were being taught this trash from childhood, we would close all the Mosques, revoke Islam's tax-free status and generally view this as the cult that it is. So what if it's 1400 years old? That just makes it an old cult.


5/24/2006 8:09 PM  

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