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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The French Intifada, Round 2

I realize that we westerners have a very short attention span, and that the average person has so much to think about in their own life that most tragic news reports are met with mostly grumbling and vague anger, sometimes sadness, but dismissed as soon as a “real life” problem like paying the bills, or a bratty kid presents itself. That’s why I am here. I do not have “real people” problems and therefore can devote my time to reminding people of the things that they have forgotten: In this case, the Muslim uprising in France.

Flashback to late October, 2005:

In a Paris suburb (Clichy-sous-Bois), a group of Muslim hooligans scattered and hid when police showed up to check their IDs. Three of them wisely jumped a fence that cordoned off an electric power substation and were subsequently electrocuted; one boy was hospitalized, and two were killed.

This event unleashed a general Muslim uprising in France, and triggered smaller Muslim riots in Greece, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. These riots were initially called “Muslim Riots” (and would set the stage for the 2006 Mohammed cartoon protests) because that’s exactly what they were. This term was quickly changed to “youth riots” and “civil unrest” largely because of the pressure on the media from the ACLU, CAIR, and countless other American and European leftist pro-Islam and socialist groups. There were very few stories written during and after this event that mentioned (even in passing) that over 90% of the rioters were in fact, Muslims.

In France alone, the destruction was vast:
126 Police and Firefighters injured
274 Towns and Cites affected by riots
8,973 Vehicles destroyed or damaged
2,888 Arrests
200+ Buildings destroyed
Over $300 Million (USD) in damage

It is no coincidence that France has by far the largest Muslim population of any Western European country.

Islam apologists would like you to think that these riots were triggered by rampant unemployment, racism, Islamaphobia, blah, blah, blah. They also deflect at every opportunity the religious beliefs of the rioters, even when we have tapes of them shouting in Arabic “God is great!” and “Fucking Jew!”

I am sure you liberals will tell me that this footage was “taken out of context”, and that these thugs would be good citizens, if it
weren’t for the racist policies of the French government. Guess what? France has the one of the most liberal "progressive" governments in the West, and these people would be living in malaria ridden shanty towns with no food or sewage and drinking contaminated water if it weren't for the French, yet this is how the peaceful and tolerant Muslims decided to react. The French have nobody to blame but themselves, however, because they allowed these brutal thugs to live and breed in their country.

Here is another video that Islamists say is “taken out of context”:

You got it now? Have I made my point?

I hope so, because as of 5/30/06 the French Muslims have started rioting again.

This time it’s about an arrest of a wanted Muslim criminal. This is typical of the Islamist, whom whines about being the victim of “racism” and “hate-speech” when they are the minority, while at the same time preaching hate and terror themselves when they are in charge. Anybody that watched the news during the Mohammed cartoon Intifada, and follows the events in Muslim countries knows this. Oh, don’t believe me? Here are some cartoons from Muslim papers:

Wake up, morons.

Cartoons from www.faithfreedom.org, riot video from www.putfile.com, WTC video from cnn.com


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