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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Yo! Islam Raps!

Yo yo yo! Wassup my brothaz and sistaz! Jihad in the 0-6 baby! Peace to be unto you! Iz chillin with my boyz, loadin clips and writin scrips, you know what I sayin? Allah da merci-ful be praised! I be takin da message to da streetz burnin cars and killin kuffars, you know what I sayin?! You not down wit da jihad yet? Well let my boyz Sheikh Terra and Soul Salah Crew kick it fo you like dis...

DAMN! Dat shit waz dope! I would drink a gin and juice right now if it was allowed by Allah, but it ain't! Allahu Ackbah! Peace to Hamas, peace to the A-Q, Usama we got yo back, nigga! Peace to the Taliban, kill da crizzusadaz, behead the infidel!

Yo check it! I got dis track!

That was a joint from me main boyz D.A.M. wit Meen Erhabe, which means "who's da terrorist?" fo all you crusada hataz out there. Jihad on Bush, jihad on Blair, God is Great! Gimmi Allah one time! Yeeeah! One fo da money, two fo da show, jihad, jihad go boy go! I got 9-11 wayz of gettin paid in paradise, wit my 72 virginz and da Cristianz need step back when I suizzide bomb with dis new track! Allahu Ackbar!Peace be on to you!

Phatt as a filthy pig! Allah in da house! Mohammed in da house! You try to steal on me, I cut off yo right hand biatch! Allahu Ackbah!

Im gonna eaze it down a bit here, and let you off slow. Check out my boyz Native Deen! They be wag-in jihad with the mic, keepin it tight and rappin about Allah all night! Lyrical terrorists with suicide bomber hearts, brothaz and sistaz! Speaking of your sister, if she refusez to marry me, we will slit her throat in a honizza killin! Peace be unto you, peace to Mohamizza the Prophet, peace to Allah!

I hope you enjoyed our show tonight. We be takin Izlam to da streets to bive heavy beats to da Jews and tha Christinz! Peace to Allah, Peace to Mohamizzad and peace to you... diry kuffar!

-Touma bin Touma


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