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Thursday, July 06, 2006

I Just Became a Millionaire: Part 2

I really can’t believe I got a reply so fast. “Mrs. Welch” sent me this message today:

Wow this is getting better and better, now she is referring me to her “lawyer”, whom does not seem to exist…

These guys are going to bite hard. I am portraying myself as an American criminal and degenerate, an apostate to Islam and cult leader, (this is especially important if this scam is from Nigeria) with hundreds of well-off followers.

This is the message that I sent to the “lawyer”:

I am guessing that these degenerate criminals do not understand English very well, as their emails are replete with run-on sentences, spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. The next communication I send them will be a fiery corona of SC II references, metaphors, and Christian rhetoric.

-Tommy Masterson

(click here to continue to part 3)


Blogger ordinarygirl said...

Ha ha ha!

I hope you get her/him.

7/07/2006 12:29 PM  

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