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Monday, July 10, 2006

I Just Became a Millionaire: Part 3

I know all our hearts bleed for the Widow Welsh, but I have even more sad news for you. The late Mr. Welch appears to be the most unlucky man ever. Apparently, he not only died of a terminal disease, he also perished in the Indian Ocean Tsunami, the World Trade Center Muslim attack, and was an ill fated passenger on the Muslim terrorist piloted EgyptAir Flight 990. Here see for your self; it looks like this angle has been going on for awhile.

Here is an annotated reply I received from Mrs. Welch’s lawyer:

Canned, obviously.

This is my reply:

This is asking for something pretty specific, and I’m curious if somebody will bother to reply with an original email or just cut off contact.


(click to continue to part 4)


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