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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Vegas, Baby! Part 2

Well, I started looking through the local Yellow Pages “escort” listings and found what I was looking for:

Viva Las Vegas baby, yeah!

The next morning I had to go to the meeting which was very productive, considering that I had one hell of a hang-over. I got back to the room at about 2pm, and got ready for my next mission: The Nevada Test Site Atomic Testing Museum.

The contents of the museum are for another post, but rest assured if you find your self in Las Vegas and have a few hours to kill, it’s well worth the $10 for admission (especially if you’re a dork like me). What I did not consider is how I would get back to the hotel. We were about 5 miles from the Mandalay and this place was in kind of a bad part of town. We ate a Jack in the Box (a rare treat), and started huffing it back toward The Strip.

Along the way I started picking up hooker ads, and was just taking in the sites. After about an hour we came to this place called “Terrible’s” where we thought we could catch a cab. There were no cabs to be found so, we started a trek to the Hard Rock which seemed close, but wasn’t. Once we got in range,

I noticed a beer store across the way, so I went over there and bought an overpriced bottle of Bacardi. We started walking again in the direction of The Strip where I was accosted by a couple of crack-heads for spare change. I tried to give one my change, but he got pissed and said,

“What!? You think I a beggar, asking fo’ change?” I dropped the change in to his hand and said, “You asked for change, man,”
the crack-head started flexing his arms and yelled, “I’m a cop-killa, bitch! I don’t need shit from nobody!”

At this point he started mumbling to himself and beating his chest, so I crossed the street to the Hard Rock and took a tour of the place; very cool joint. We were able to catch a cab there back to the Mandalay.

I got some sodas and drank rum in my room for a few hours then decided to go play some poker. The tables at the Mandalay were backed up so we took the tram over to the Luxor and were able to get right on a $2-$4 limit table. I won about $150 there, and about 2:30am decided to head back to the room...

(continue to part 3)


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