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Friday, September 22, 2006

How Much Can a Man Take?

I know, I know in the past I have gone on and on about Alizee, but lordy! I can watch her videos for hours. I am convinced that overall, Alizee is the most attractive woman in the history of the world, period, with a capital P. What is she singing about? I have no idea, I don’t speak French. Here, check this:

You're a fag if you dislike this photo:

"Tommy, she's just another woman," they like to say. No, she is not! This is Alizee!

This young lady is the pinnacle of womanhood, and the avatar of femininity. Dare I say a true role model for all western women to follow? Alizee is sexy, but not a slut. Talented and graceful, her charms mesmerize hundreds of thousands of people. Alizee is graceful and elegant, and a gaze from her eyes would stop a charging rhino dead in its tracks. Any creature on Earth would be happy to die, if the last thing they saw was Alizee’s smiling face.


Alizee speaks good English too! Check out this cover of Madonna:

What man could resist?

Ahh, Alizée Jacotey, while I despise your communist government, you are a beacon of light to all western men.

-Tommy Masterson

P.S. I removed a photo that the MoD told me was altered with Photoshop. A pity, but he was right. Click here to see the picture in question.


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