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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Google Maps Using the Clone Tool? Update: Explained

Saw this here.

I thought it was BS, or maybe a hoax, but then I looked for myself...

(click for larger images)

Update: galloping granny from LGF says:
Let me explain how this is done. For starters, these images are not produced by Google Maps, but by either NavTech or TeleAtlas, who provide identical data for UPS, FedEx, the Post Office, your TomTom, OnStar and other similar devices.

The images are put together from overhead imagery and available satellite photos. At TeleAtlas several hundred people are involved in stitching the images (called tiles) together so that roads line up, bridges are in the correct place and so on. Now and then, depending on the image, you will get artifacts like this because of the manipulation done to make landmarks appear in the right place.

Note: Several of my children either have been in the past or are currently employed by TeleAtlas.


Blogger PhillyChief said...

You know, I believe it. Over the last couple of years I've been introduced to working with satellite photos. Let me tell you, if you're working from just one, that's ok but two or more? Forget it. They never line up. Also, even with individual images, you often get shadow problems from some idiot snapping at the wrong time of day. So sure, I can totally see someone having to work some Photoshop magic, but I don't see any nefarious nonsense going on here, like Cheney making sure his house doesn't show up on any such images (or maybe it's a vortex to the underworld and therefore won't show up on film).

8/16/2008 7:49 AM  

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