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Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Should Choose Palin for VP

The speculation is rampant about who McCain will select as his running-mate, which will be announced later today.

In my opinion, McCain would be a fool if he didn't select Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska.

Here are three shallow reasons why McCain should go with Palin:
  1. Palin is a woman, and that alone will be worth a ton of Hillary voters.
  2. Palin is an attractive woman.
  3. Palin is an articulate woman, and looks and sounds great on TV.
Now here are some substantive reasons why Palin would be a good choice for McCain:
  1. She is a social conservative that can reinvigorate the GOP base.
  2. Palin's relative youth will reassure voters that are concerned with McCain's age
  3. Palin is a member of the NRA and a hunter, and that will appeal to voters that are concerned with McCain's record on gun control.
  4. Palin supports drilling.
  5. I haven't researched this, but Palin may be the most popular Governor in U.S. History.
  6. Ethics.
  7. Executive experience.
Sarah Palin would be a brilliant choice, and would even make me somewhat enthusiastic about his ticket.

Some vids:

(skip to 4:18 to see her bit)

Palin has impeccable conservative credentials, but I can envision the attacks from the left about her being a beauty queen, and how McCain is a "dirty old man" for choosing her. She has 5 kids, and that's environmentally irresponsible, yadda-yadda.


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