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Friday, August 01, 2008

"African-Americans are disproportionately impacted by the effects of climate change"

[citation needed]

This man is the current House Majority Whip. (h/t DBKP)

Global Warming aside, I am constantly stunned by the ignorance of American politicians when it comes to science and technology, and their niggardly approach to educating themselves. Racial politics is sending reason down a black hole.

McCain says that he can't use a computer or the Internet, when the majority of homes in America have a computer, and many if not most have Internet access. This would be like Harry Truman saying in 1948 he doesn't know how to use a telephone or turn on a T.V. And this stooped old man is who the GOP selected for a candidate? Obama is going to wipe the floor with this guy come debate season.

I smell a conspiracy (a real one hehe) where the GOP is throwing this election hoping to come back in 2012 because they think (probably correctly) that Hussein can't clean up Bush's mess in 4 years.

I could go on for pages and pages about this, but instead I have a few ideas.

To start, anybody that is willing to spend 500 million dollars to get a 1/2 million dollar per-year job is highly suspect in my way of thinking. I don't know the statistics, but top-shelf lawyers make millions per year in America, and with a few exceptions, they do not seek public office-because they are making millions being top-shelf lawyers. Or lobbyists. Or "consultants."

I think a lot of politicians that achieve high-office might start out idealistic, but soon realize that they can not remain in power without greasing the wheels of the political machine. Not that this is new thinking, the Greeks wrote about this over 2000 years ago.

Like a drug, they are addicted to the power and fame. Like a heroin addict that will sell his $200 T.V. for a few hits of smack, these people will bankrupt the American taxpayer to stay in office another term. There needs to be a nation-wide intervention.

This is what I propose (yeah this would take some Constitutional amendments):

House Reps. and Senators are limited to two terms; period, forever. You can be in the House for two terms, and the Senate for two terms, however. After that, you're done with Congress.

Federal Appellate Court justices and prosecutors are no longer appointed by the President, but elected by the people in the judicial circuits.

Something else that needs to end are "bans" at the city and state level without a popular vote. Smoking in public, plastic bags, trans-fat, etc. These things should be left up to the community. And don't give me any shit like: "Well LOL! You elected them!!1 Thats there job!11! Lol."

If I don't like smoke, I won't drink there. If I don't like trans-fat, I wont eat there. If I think plastic bags are going to destroy the Earth, I won't request them when I buy my groceries. If I think that incandescent light-bulbs are causing Global Warming, I will buy compact florescent bulbs. I don't need some slack-jawed, drooling ape that happened to be elected to a city council or state senate to decide what's good for me.



Blogger The Exterminator said...

Well, see, I learned something from the video. I was under the impression that Asian Americans were being disproportionately impacted by the effects of climate change. I'm glad to have the record set straight.

I'm aghast to have to say that I agree with you about almost everything here, but I do. Except I don't think the GOP is throwing the election. Your plan would be a good one for them, but they're not smart enough to come up with it. Politicians are not patient; they want what they want NOW. (What they want, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with helping their constituents.)

8/01/2008 3:27 AM  

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