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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Slate: If You Don't Vote for Obama, You're a Racist

Well at least the Liberals are just saying it straight now. I mean what other reason could there possibly be for not voting for a 1/3 term Jr. Senator who is friends with a convicted terrorist to be the most powerful man in the world?

God I hate white Liberals. You want to say that not voting for Obama is racist, yet the main reason that he has risen so far so fast is because he is 1/2 black, and you know it. Go ask the man on the street who supports Obama: What are Barack Hussein Obama's qualifications, other than charisma and good public speaking, for being President of the United States of America?

*crickets chirping*

Slate.com: Racism is the only reason McCain might beat him.
What with the Bush legacy of reckless war and economic mismanagement, 2008 is a year that favors the generic Democratic candidate over the generic Republican one. Yet Barack Obama, with every natural and structural advantage in the presidential race, is running only neck-and-neck against John McCain, a sub-par Republican nominee with a list of liabilities longer than a Joe Biden monologue. Obama has built a crack political operation, raised record sums, and inspired millions with his eloquence and vision. McCain has struggled with a fractious campaign team, lacks clarity and discipline, and remains a stranger to charisma. Yet at the moment, the two of them appear to be tied. What gives?

If it makes you feel better, you can rationalize Obama's missing 10-point lead on the basis of Clintonite sulkiness, his slowness in responding to attacks, or the concern that Obama may be too handsome, brilliant, and cool to be elected. But let's be honest: If you break the numbers down, the reason Obama isn't ahead right now is that he trails badly among one group, older white voters. He does so for a simple reason: the color of his skin.
(via LGF link viewer)


Anonymous Evo said...

You HATE me? Awwww, shit. I thought we were buds.

I was definitely going to vote for Obama and then he went and picked a white male for VP. I don't think I can support that. Know what I mean? It just goes against every liberal fiber in my body.

8/24/2008 12:18 PM  
Blogger Venjanz said...

Naw dude, I'm cool with you. YOU have the ability to reason, even if you are a commie.

The 'man' who wrote this shit for Slate should be tarred and feathered.

8/24/2008 3:05 PM  

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