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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I woke up last night at 1am and just had to write this down:

I was staying at my father’s house on Christmas Eve watching Dick Clark’s New Years thing when I looked out side and noticed my car was missing. I had just gotten back from Zone 6-1 in Super Mario Bros, so it had been gone awhile. I was about to call the police but instead decided just to hit my reset button. After a second, my car reappeared. Good, then. I blinked once, and it became a different car. A Mustang with flames on it. Wow this is pretty cool so I got in and started joy riding. Every time I deliberately blinked, it became a different car. After a few blinks it became a semi so I decided to spin out in it because that would be fun. I drove over to my friends house in what was now a 69 GTO with flames painted on it so he could see my new ride. He heard me pull up and came out and asked where my car was. I pointed at my 87 Grand National with flames painted on it but he couldn’t see it! Bugged again! He walked over to where I said it was and bumped into the invisible car. He found the door and got in and could see it now from the inside.

We drove over to a local warehouse that was run by the mafia to pick up some cokes, and decided to work while we were there. It’s a bit hazy what when on, but the place was under attack by a lvl 60 guy wearing a paper sack and a yellow cape, so we all decided to mob up on him but the guy was using hax so he kept beating us. I finally was able to get a grocery cart and crush him up against the wall a few times, and while he was distracted, I was able to get into the server and put myself in God Mode, and took him out.

We drove back to my father’s house, and my mother and two aunts were all sitting beside me, outside, bundled up around a couple of good campfires singing Christmas songs, while Charles S. Dutton was making hot cocoa and Courtney B. Vance was playing “Let it Snow” on an invisible piano. His piano had been stolen, and I told him there was this cool bug when you hit your reset button…


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