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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chemistry FTW! Over-Heating Power Supply Ghetto Fix

My computer has been freezing up and crashing badly a lot lately, necessitating a hard reboot, when playing games or running several applications while watching videos and what not.

After pulling out 1/2 my hair and begging God to end my suffering, and the MoD suggesting my issue might be a heat problem, I finally diagnosed the issue to be an over-heating power supply, which was causing my video card to lock up.

On a whim this evening, I made a salt-ice slurry in a 44oz Quick Trip plastic cup, slapped the lid on, put plastic wrap over the top to prevent evaporation, and set it on top of my box where the PSU is located.

I figured that since my PSU was generating too much heat, and a few pounds of a salt-ice bath solution can absorb a LOT of heat, this might solve the problem.

And it did... big time, within minutes.

The thing cooled the outside of my entire case to near room temperature, dropped the temp of my CPU 4 degrees, dropped my GPU 3 degrees, and all of my fans which speed up in relation to the internal temperature were spinning at their base RPM. And, most importantly, dropped the temp in my PSU 26 degrees. Fahrenheit BTW.

I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this, but it was damned satisfying anyway.



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