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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ware Iz Be?

I would normally post something about my absence of posts, i.e. Pulling an Obama, but I won't because nobody reads this cyber-rag.

Fear not my 3 readers, I will be posting again regularly after the 1st.

And if any of my local friends are still looking for a Christmas present for me, if you could buy me Alizee, that would be pretty cool.

You would be doing her a favor anyway, since her "husband" is a fag, and likes to shove hard-boiled eggs up his ass while sodomizing his pet orangutan in an Aquaman Halloween costume.

That said, Alizee's decision to place a horrid Tinkerbell tattoo on her back has turned me off even more than her having a child with a "closet" homosexual.

Oh well, I love her anyway.


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