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Sunday, May 06, 2007

HuffPo Haters Chime in on Greensburg, KS Tornado

Ah, this was as predictable as the sunrise. Anytime a disaster befalls a "red state", the left-wing nuts come out from under their rocks and spew forth their special brand of venom:

An attempt to blame global warming:
The Central states will be losing GOP voters if the conservatives keep insisting that there is no weather problem while towns are destroyed and family are dying.

I take no joy in the tragedies in Kansas or Iraq but do want people to see how little the neocons care for all of God's children. The GOP serves their own gods of greed, power and money.

Attack me for my partisanship and opportunism if you want but people are learning how badly they are being served by the GOP and their oily friends.

Punishing the "red states" for electing Bush:

Has anybody else noticed that these natural disasters are hitting only the Red States? Florida, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas and Tennessee have all been hit bad as of late.

It's almost as if God does not approve of fake wars, torture, bigotry, taking from the poor to give to the rich, or molesting children. Thanks goodness Pat Robertson, James Dobson, and Ted Haggard are there to tell us otherwise.

Good. Kansas is a "red state." They voted for Bush, now let them know how it feels to suffer, as our troops in Iraq are suffering.

Anyone who voted for Bush deserves disaster in their lives.

Irony: they are experiencing some of the devastation the Iraquis have been living through for over 4 years. At least these people in Kansas will be able to start over;Iraquis are not so fortunate.

What does God's meteorologist Pat Robertson make of His attempts to obliterate red-state America? No doubt it's all related to homa-sek-shiali-ty. (Actually, I suspect that meteorology, being a science, is a grievous sin in Kansas.)

The coup de grĂ¢ce:

Now those Red-state phuckers in Kansas will get to experience the fruits of their labor. The Federal Government will ignore those Kansans, just as surely as they ignored our countrymen in NOLA

Stay classy, Huffington Post.



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