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Friday, November 23, 2007

Hail To The Priest

Priest Holmes announced his retirement yesterday. Holmes goes down in Chiefs history as our best and most beloved running back of all time; a spot previously held by some no-name, no-talent sloth named Marcus Allen, whom dethroned "The Nigerian Nightmare" Christian Okoye.

I'm talking about a guy that played only 64 games for Kansas City, yet he shattered every Chiefs running back record, and to top it off, Priest etched his name in NFL history when he went to the end-zone 27 times in 2003, breaking the NFL record for total touchdowns in a season (Lahacknian Lameasson of the San Diego Tampons currently holds this record with 31 scored in 2005) .

Priest's best qualities were, and still are, his class, sportsmanship, and supreme professionalism that's in such stark contrast to these days when the 7th round back-up that scores a gimme touchdown starts talking talk so much trash as to make "Leon" from the Bud Light commercials seem humble*.

When Priest scored, there was no "worm", no cell-phone call, no autograph; he would just throw up a salute to his father, then trot back over to the sidelines and study the defense to figure out how to punch a hole through their line yet again.

Thank you for the memories, Mr. Holmes.

*Many Chiefs fans, including myself, refer to Larry Johnson as "Leon".


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