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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Artist In Hiding After "Gay Mohammad" Exhibit Pulled In The Netherlands

This Iranian exile hottie has big brass-ones:


Looks like we have another Ayaan Hirsi Ali in the making here.

If there is a more liberal country in Europe, or for that matter in the entire world (this is the problem in my opinion, but that's for another post,) than the Netherlands, I have never heard of it. But once again, here is a story about a person having to go in to hiding because European Muslim fanatics are looking to murder an artist that "insulted Islam."
She may not get much support from the politicians, who seem determined to avoid confrontation even if some accuse them of turning a blind eye to the erosion of artistic freedom. When Hera wrote to Culture Minister Ronald Plasterk asking for his support, he agreed to meet her but would not help reinstate her photographs in the exhibition.

Deputy Prime Minister Wouter Bos seemed to take a stand for freedom of speech, saying: "In a democracy, we do not recognise the right not to be insulted." The left-wing de Volkskrant newspaper, by contrast, praised the museum for its "great professionalism" in excising the images[Of course-ed].

For her part, Hera, who fled Iran seven years ago, says she has no regrets, particularly when she thinks about the young men and women being hanged there for offending the country's code of sexuality. "I do it for them," she says, "for the boys and girls with no freedom in Iran."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

erosion of artistic freedom... yeah! like when giuliani tried to shut down the brooklyn museum of art when he perceived a rendering of the virgin mary as an affront to his religion!

1/25/2008 10:22 PM  

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