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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

This is What America is About

You blow a hole in one of our Destroyers and murder our sailors? We will repair our ship, and send her back to the Middle East to trail our coats up and down your coasts, so all you muthafuckaz can get a GOOD look. We DARE you to try that shit again.

You knock down our buildings and kill 3000 of our civilians? Guess what? We don’t capitulate and kneel to Allah like the Europeans. No. We came over to your house and rolled your 8th Century asses down with the strongest, most advanced military in the history of the world.

What did we do with the rubble of the Twin Towers? We didn’t build a monument. We didn’t recycle the ruined, twisted, steel to construct a new Mosque, while paying carbon-credits to Al Gorebbles, as the French would have. No, we didn't.

America constructed a new warship! The USS New York!

The Marines are are coming for you, bitchez.



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