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Monday, April 07, 2008

Telegraph' s Andrew O'Hagan: Desecration of Muslim Tombstones = 7/7 Bombings

I had to reload this page from The Telegraph a few times just to make sure that I wasn't reading something from The Onion.

Fear of Islam is ruining our chance for peace
The wish genuinely to address political ills in this country is often stymied by a need people have to cling either to what is Right or what is Left. You see it at work every day, the instinct to turn with the shoal of mackerel or the flock of starlings, without a moment's pause to examine what is really at issue.

Our politicians do this as a matter of course, but so does the public and so very often do the media, wishing life's complicated circumstances to conform immediately to the expectations which are born of our own prejudices. But sometimes we must go against the grain of what we think in order to do some thinking.

Islamophobia is one of the big questions of our day, and one, perhaps more than most, which causes each of us to dig in to our entrenched positions. The problem is answered most often with ignorance or with common hysteria, and almost never with fresh thinking. What is the nature of the feeling in our communities and in our courts against Islam, and how can we put an end to it? Are we not hurting our own society and our own security by making a monster where it shouldn't exist, a monster made from the mania of our own fear?
Where do I begin? Anywhere? Somebody that is so out of touch with reality that they would even start to write something like this... I might as well comment on the scribblings of a kindergartener.
Over the weekend, 148 graves were desecrated in the Muslim section of a military cemetery near Arras in northern France. In an act that might appear to open a new chapter in Europe's hateful treatment of feared minorities, the vandals sprayed swastikas and other Nazi insignia on the graves of dead servicemen. (Jewish communities will recognise the obscenity.) "This is a most unacceptable act of racism and the president shares the pain of France's Muslim community," said a spokesman for President Nicolas Sarkozy.

France has a population of five million Muslims, Britain has two million, and each nation has, over many years, pursued policies which have resulted in those communities being more isolated, more discredited, and more radicalised than any other, and in consequence we have begun to work not only against their interests but against our own. We are making extremists where they previously hardly existed; this might be termed a suicidal policy.
More of this shit. I think one of the main problems with this op-ed is that the writer is so far to the left, he probably considers the current center-left British government to be one step away from the Norse Fire party in V for Vendetta.

England has a Liberal policy of appeasing Muslims, so hell maybe this guy is inadvertently making our point! Since Liberalism has done nothing to stem the tide of Islamic extremism in the UK, maybe, just maybe the limeys should try a new approach?

Read the rest if you can stomach it.


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