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Friday, November 14, 2008

Tommy’s Eazy Guide for Filtering Political Blog Posts

As somebody that reads political news from the entire range of the Blogosphere, I have learned a few things about how to ignore posts that are kooky, and have created a self-filter:
A. Ignore headlines that contain a word or words in all caps:
(Bush Is Trying To STEAL Our MONEY!)

B. Ignore headlines that end in one or more exclamation points:
(Bush Is Trying To Steal Our Money!!!!)

C. Ignore headlines with pejorative neologisms:
(Bushitler and the Rethuglicans are stealing our money!)

D. Ignore headlines that contain adverbs such as ‘desperately’, ‘frantically’, ‘furiously’:
(Bushitler is desperately covering up for the CIA’s roll in 9/11!)

E. Ignore headlines that contain ‘lie’, ‘lies’, 'lied', or ‘lying’:
(Bushitler LIED about WMDs, and is FRANTICALLY covering up for 9/11!)
Follow these rules and you might, MIGHT, get a nugget of truth.


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