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Monday, March 26, 2007

More Google Earth Fun- Edwards AFB

Many interesting things are to be seen on Edwards AFB; that is if you are a military and/or flying enthusiast. If you’re a Liberal, feel free to froth at the mouth about American imperialism.

Picture 1: Looks like (left to right) an A-10, F/A-18, and a French Mirage-2000.

Picture 2: The two big boys in the center are B-52’s, on the left is a T-38 trainer, on the right is an F-16.

Picture 3: This is a decommissioned SR-71 outside of the base:

Picture 4: Looks like two B-1b’s, and another B-52:

Picture 5: Here we have a couple of V-22 Osprey’s:

Picture 6: We have a C-5 Galaxy, a couple of F/A 18’s, a vintage A-4, and maybe a F-14? It’s hard to tell: (Correction: I think the 2 I labeled as F/A-18s are actually F-16s)

Picture 7: This appears to be a MQ-1 Predator drone:

And now, this:

Bush and Halliburton would like you to believe that this site is where "future" space missions will land, *chuckle* but we all know better. Oh, how convenient that they construct something visible from space! O.K. I’m just going to pretend this isn’t an alien landing pad, and accept it for the “Moon Mission” site that it is, *wink*, *wink*

-Tommy Masterson


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