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Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Columbus Dispatch Political Cartoon

O.K. I have to admit this is a bit over the top, even for me, but I still laughed:

(from Central Ohioans Against Terrorism)

I love good propaganda, I don't care what the cause. In my first semester at the AID, for my final project in color theory, I did a gouache painting in yellow and purple of Hitler with his fists raised making a point, and Reagan (PBUH) looking outward and majestic. This was before the World Wide Web was readily accessible, mind you, and I had to get these from books and magazines. I think these are the images I used as a template:

I remember during the class critique, the teacher got pissed and asked If I was comparing Reagan (PBUH) to Hitler. I responded that no, it was no comparison, I just wanted to paint the worst man that lived in the 20th century, next to the greatest man. He seemed even more pissed that I considered Reagan (PBUH) the greatest man in the last 100 years, so he gave me a "B"; but I digress...

CAIR is calling for "polite" action from Muslims:

For the sake of "moral equivalence", here are a couple Muslim political cartoons:

(from Faith Freedom)


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