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Saturday, December 01, 2007

News Flash: Clinton NH Hostage-Taker Was A Nut

When this story broke this morning, the members of HuffPo "somehow" jumped to the conclusion that this idiot was a disenfranchised Republican, who listens to Rush Limbaugh and feared the nomination of Hillary so much, that he had no choice but to invade the New Hampshire campaign office and make a political statement by taking hostages. He was probably an operative of Blackwater, and a confidant of Karl Rove, whom together plotted this action as a reverse-psychology operation to garner negative support against Hillary.

Ehh.. no. Looks like my theory was correct; the dude was the town kook:
Most neighbors say they knew Leeland E. Eisenberg as the well-dressed man who walked to a nearby convenience store every day to buy beer.

However, next-door neighbor Kitty Carlsen said she has feared him for most of the six months he and his wife, Lisa Eisenberg, lived at Brook Place, a small mobile home park off Route 108.

"He tried to start a fight with my grandson for no reason once; he threatened to punch him," she said. "He used to yell at people leaving my house for no reason."


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