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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Global Warming Acolyte Freezes To Death

Upon the Holy Alter of Algore, she gave her soul to thee.
"She definitely must have had an issue with the utilities. Unfortunately, it didn't do any good," Huffman said. According to LaPorte County Police, officers responded to the home at 5553 W. County Road 1000 North after friends and family were unable to contact her the past several days.

Some of the windows inside the residence were iced over and the water in the toilet was frozen solid, police said. Investigators discovered the pilot light on her furance was burning.

However, the thermostat was turned off.

Several electric space heaters were in the home but all of them were either shut off or unplugged.

Huffman ruled hypothermia as the cause of death from exposure to the bitter cold inside the ranch-style residence. According to investigators, her family said she had the money to pay her winter heating costs and, occasionally, used her stove as a heat source to save money.

(Update 1/24/08) Bono "confesses" carbon "sins" to Archbishop Gorebbles


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