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Friday, January 11, 2008

Ron Paul Answers Charges Of Racism

I tend to believe him here. He has stated nothing in his speeches over the last 20+ years that would indicate that he is a racist.

As a fellow libertarian, I have to say that our views are easily taken as racist because we do not believe in Social Justice, Entitlements, Affirmative Action, Collective Guilt, etc.

Libertarians really ARE the least racist people in the political spectrum because we believe that all people are born equal, and have basic fundamental rights upon birth, regardless of the wealth or station of the parents.

Yes, some people have a social and/or economic advantage depending on where they are born, and whom their parents were, but that is no more the child's fault when born in to the Kennedy family for instance, than another child born to the Watson family in the worst part of the poorest "hood."

This is such a complex issue that it can be debated till the end of Human existence, with no two people agreeing completely on how things like this should be handled. But I do not believe that I should be financially punished by liberal Robin Hood Economics or denied a job or a college education at the school of my choice, over a less or equally qualified minority, because I am Caucasian (these have both happened to me), and because 170 years ago the Africans in the American South were slaves (that nine of my ancestors died freeing, two receiving the Medal of Honor, BTW).

Screw it. I'm voting for Kermit The Frog this year.



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