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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Matchdoctor.com “Matches”

I have sent repeated requests to Matchdoctor to remove me from their mailing list to no avail. I have posted about the fall of Emode.com and the rise of Tickle.com…and the silly profiles that their spin-off dating site (Matchdoctor) sends me here and here.

Here are yet even MORE “matches:”

Nice BW photo. I suppose you thought this would make you seem "artistic" instead of just hiding your bad skin and ogre-like features?

OK, that was harsh. Let's see the profile...

So she wasn't The One. Let's check out "Hotlips:"

Thanks for posting a picture with you holding your child. That's SOOO cute! I'm sure that your intent was to show that you're a good mother and have a nurturing soul, and has nothing to do with the fact that you spent your 20's mostly on your back being taken advantage of by guy-after-guy, only to wind up a single mother trying desperately to find a chump that is willing to throw his social and financial life away for a monthly roll in the hay with you, and embrace the illusion of responsibility.

I'm being judgemental again. Let's see the profile:

Heh. I'm pretty sure that posting a profile on a dating site is not the best way to look for platonic friends.

Well, maybe Tigger is the girl for me:




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