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Friday, October 27, 2006

More “Matches”

These ladies are the ones I didn’t get to last night. I would be a lucky man, truly, to have one of these fine specimens of human femininity on my arm…

WOW! Very good start, nice legs... but what are you about?

Nevermind... NEXT!

Hey, she looks like Stephanie Ferguson (Fergie)! I am betting this girl can sing better though. This is going well so far; maybe the Matchdoctor has something here?

Oh Christ, not again!

I would rather shoot myself in the coin-purse with a Taser than date this "woman".


Now this is what I’m talking about! Very, very nice! Let’s view her profile!

For fucks sake! I plan to file law suit against Matchdoctor.com for "emotional distress". We can make this a class action if some more people join up. Maybe the ACLU can get on our side!

Join the Dark Side, or die…

-Tommy M.


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