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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Liberal Hydra

Hillary Clinton

Who will stand up to this fraud? Anybody? Why do you idiots in New York put up with her? Are you that stupid? Well I guess the question answers its self, because if you people weren’t stupid, you wouldn’t have elected her in the first place. Therefore, you are stupid.

I spit on Hillary, and I spit on her “husband”!

Noam Chomsky

This guy is regarded as some great sage by the libs… why? Ok so he’s a brilliant linguist, but why does that make his political views valid? This man hates America and hates democracy, and all thinking people whom read his drivel know it. Chomsky acolytes are quick to go on the offensive, when attacked; because they are brain-washed, liberal morons. Oh, wait; I realized the answer to my own question: ‘Why do libs follow Chomsky?’ Because he hates America and democracy, just like they do… duh!

What makes this commie so dangerous is that he infects millions of young people's minds with his kook fringe liberal views, and many of them can’t see past his bullshit until it’s too late for them.... and for me. I sometimes wonder how many of my tax Dollars fly away because of this asshole.

I spit on you, Noam, twice!


Where do I start with these clowns? They claim to be legal avatars, striking down discrimination and un-fair laws, to be the knights in shining armor, crusaders of the downtrodden and the poor, the righteous defenders of the constitution! Eh, not quite.

These lib idiots burn smoking paths in the concrete running to the courthouse with their lawsuits when a school or any public building displays the 10 Commandments, erects a cross in their front yard, when somebody throws a Koran in the toilet, child pornographers are arrested, or somebody dares to deny an illegal alien their rights to American tax-payer supported healthcare; but where is the ACLU when:

The right to own guns is challenged?
When Christian worship is banned is schools, but Muslims are allowed to pray to Mecca?
Black-owned businesses refuse to hire people of other races?
(This could go on for the next 5 hours)

I spit on you, ACLU!

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton

These two screwballs (I can almost hear the gasps…“Tommy’s criticizing black leaders?!”) Have done more to harm racial relations in this county than the totality of the KKK and Neo-NAZI's. These charlatan “Reverends” should be arrested for treason, and tossed into the Supermax prison in Colorado. These ‘black leaders’ tell ‘their people’ to ‘stand up’ to white folks, fight oppression, become ultra-sensitive, claim ‘racism!’ every time they’re turned down for a job, or stopped by the police, or a white person says something they don’t like… etc., etc., etc.

Most black people that I know admit that they don’t buy in to their bullshit, yet in every election like clockwork, most of them go and vote a straight Democratic ticket. Bam, bam, bam; checking the ‘D’ like its going out of style. This black woman that I am very good friends with will not move out of the ghetto, even though she makes much more money than me. Not so long ago she was telling me she was scared because a bullet broke her window during a drive-by. A house in my neighborhood would only cost her about $200 more a month, but she still won’t move out here. I asked her why once, and she replied,

“I love you Tommy, but I don’t want to be a sell-out,”

No KKK member or NAZI would ever tell a black person that moving to a ‘white’ neighborhood was a good idea, but she has never met a KKK member or NAZI... I wonder where she got the idea that moving to a ‘white’ neighborhood was the act of a race-traitor?

I spit on Al Sharpton, and I spit on Jesse Jackson!


The Council on American-Islamic Relations. Ah… what can I say? Four lie’s for the price of one? The primer terrorist front-organization in the United States? Their leaders and members keep getting arrested and convicted on terrorism charges, yet nothing is done to shut them down. The libs fall all over themselves sticking up for these “moderate” Muslims of course, because they feel all giddy inside for being understaaanding of other culturrrres. Yeah? Sharia law anybody? If these left kook liberal morons stopped smoking weed and tried to REALLY learn about other religions and cultures, than maybe they would realize that if Islamic law was in place instead of the Constitution:

Islam is the State religion. You can theoretically be a Christian or Jewish (people of the book), as long as you don’t worship in public,you pay a special tax, and agree to have no civil rights. If you are not a ‘person of the book’, then you will convert to Islam or be slaughtered as a pagan. Other laws are as follows:

Homosexual sex is punishable by death

Adultery is death, punishable by stoning (for women only)

Women must dress modestly: Veil,
Hijab and modest robes that cover the whole body.

If you say anything that might be insulting about Mohammed
(PBUH) or Allah the most high, the merciful, you are a heretic and must be put to death.

If you leave Islam, you will be put to death.

Must I go on?

I spit on you CAIR, and I spit on your Sharia!

Reuters, AP, CBS…

Enough said…

I spit on you Reuters, I spit on you Associated Press, I spit on the Communist Broadcasting Syndicate!

Where is the Hercules that will fight this dragon of liberalism?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Noam Chomsky. I've read his books and they're not anti-American. Sure, he criticizes political figures (on the left and on the right), but who doesn't do that?

Have you just been listening to Savage or did you form this opinion from reading his books?

10/20/2006 11:40 AM  
Blogger Venjanz said...

No, I mostly added him because I saw you linked to him and you would say something about it ;) I tried to read
Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance but I felt like my mind was being raped so I stopped. You can have it if you want.

10/20/2006 5:51 PM  

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