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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cops to Give Gang Members Shooting Lessons

Dateline- February 22, 2008(VSN)
In an effort to stem accidental deaths from drive-by shootings, police officials have decided to offer free firearms classes to inner-city gang members.

The Mayor and City Council met with Police Chief Sharpton today to organize a response to the accidental murders of three Jefferson Street sixth grade students this week. A plan was hashed out to increase the city sales tax by $0.01 to fund a program to teach gang members firearm accuracy and safety.

“The real problem here isn’t gang violence or poverty, it’s the racism,” Chief Jesse Sharpton shouted during a meeting with city officials.

A new tax-payer funded Gang Community-Outreach firearms training center has been planned. If the funding bill passes, the city will demolish the old Lincoln High-School, and erect a modern 40-bay pistol and sub-machine gun shooting range.

“These young brothers need to learn how to shoot straight, and identify their targets,” said Mayor Watkins, a Gulf War veteran. “A lot of these (African-Americans) like to hold (their guns) out sideways and pull that (trigger) and shoot up the block, when (they’re) only trying to (kill) one or two (African Americans). "
(Copyright 2008, Venjanz Satire News)


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