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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Stupid Tuesday

I have been following the tornado outbreak this evening, watching almost continuously several radar feeds and streaming coverage from news affiliates in Memphis. The most amazing thing I saw tonight was a live feed from the tower cam at Union University in Jackson, TN, when a very large tornado, illuminated by lighting and transformer explosions, roared through the campus, took out the camera, and according to the reports coming in, demolished many building on the campus and injured dozens of students.

From some of the pictures I have seen coupled with the radar data, I would not be the least bit surprised to see one or more of these tornado's rated EF-4… or greater.

(video taken just outside of Memphis)

So far, there are 22 confirmed dead, and at least 100 injuries as of this post.

On to the Primaries...

I just now checked on the results from Sooper Tusday. Fuck.

I suppose I had some unrealistic hopes that the DC political machine had lost a gear or two, but both McCain and Hitlery performed far better than I imagined (or hoped?).

There are many months before the conventions, but come November if I have to choose between these two, my vote will be one-way ticket to Hong-Kong.



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