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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Meet The Next President of the United States

This is my prediction for the Presidential election.

On the Democrat side, I think Hussein Obama will get the nod, barring some giant as-yet-unrevealed skeleton in his closet. While Hitlery has a titanic political machine behind her, there is too much baggage, and too much history that will turn off centrist voters. Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton.

Obama is exactly the opposite, and has the political momentum.

He was virtually unknown to Americans outside of Illinois until last year. He has a fascinating background, and he is defiantly the best orator of all the candidates.

On the Republican side, I think Romney will demolish McCain in the coming months. Mitt "looks" like a President, and has moved his platform more to the right on the key conservative issues such as Islamic terrorists and illegal immigration. McCain is more forthright and less "slick," has a very impressive military service record, and most of all is unrepentant when it comes to the bills he introduces and supports. However, the conservative base will rally around Romney over McCain given the choice between the two, because McCain is viewed (correctly) as a Liberal when it comes to domestic policy and his admitted ignorance on fiscal policy.

Click here to see who will be the most powerful man in the world this time next year.

I know a winner when I see one.

I was in the middle of writing an endorsement of Obama last year when Fred Thompson came in to the picture. Well the glue-horse went tits up, so now I am back to Obama. I have made no secret of my like for Ron Paul, but that's just not going to happen.

The fact is that only 20% of the voters decide who is going to win a Presidential Election-the independents. Right now, Barak Hussein Obama is pulling more independents and cross-party voters (I have heard many, many Republicans say they plan to vote for him) than any other candidate.

Will I vote for him? Probably, unless The Lord intervenes and somehow Ron Paul gets the nod. This is why:
1. The perception of being an effective leader is as important to Americans as actually being one.
2. Obama's ascension would be a uniting event. This would silence the left-wing MSM and the race-baiting "Reverends," whom make millions of dollars telling the American public how we are racist and backward country.
3. Phased withdrawal from Iraq. There is no reason why the we could not train and equip an Iraqi force sufficient to deter an Iranian invasion with a few billion dollars and 1 year of training. Where is the Iraqi oil money going, BTW?
4. Obama's election will almost instantly restore much of our international credibility.
Yeah, if the Democrats remain in power in the House and Senate after Obama is elected, we are going to have to eat some Liberal legislation. But I say we give the man a chance. If he can stabilize the Dollar, monetarily de-fang China, and implement an equitable solution to the illegal immigration problem, (I have to say, the produce sucks this Winter, and if this was caused by the recent mass-deporting of the Mexican pickers;bring um' back!) then we are on the road to recovery. Especially if he is willing to give up the powers that Bush gave to The Office by executive order.

I am a bit concerned about how Barak is being compared to MLK, JFK, Lincoln, and Gandhi, however. Considering how these people ended their careers, whom Obama chooses as his VP may be important.



Anonymous mod said...

you better not vote for Obama...

1/30/2008 10:58 PM  
Blogger Venjanz said...

I will over McLame or The CEO. I will write in Ron Paul if Hitlery gets the Dem nod.

1/30/2008 11:37 PM  

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