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Friday, February 08, 2008

WBC To Picket Tornado Victim Funerals

Our friends at the Westboro Baptist "Church," as always striving for new levels of asshattery, plan to picket the funerals of people who died in Tuesday's tornado outbreak.
Not content with showing up at military funerals to cheer the deaths of slain soldiers, the members of the Phelps Clan's Westboro Baptist Church has announced it will show up to picket the funerals of scores of tornado victims from this week's storms.

Fred Phelps, Grand Hatemeister of the "God Hates F*gs" organization, along with the church's members (who are to a great extent, his relatives), are infamous for showing up to cheer any death or disaster they can ascribe to their god's punishment of America for tolerating gays.
These idiots also think that they are going to Communist China to picket the Olympics. While the ChiComs also frown on homosexuals,they don't exactly love religious types, either. Let me know how that works out guys.



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