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Saturday, March 15, 2008

God Comments on CNN’s Liberal Bias

So the Lord has finally had enough of CNN and decided to make a statement tonight. In His mercy, He decided not to destroy them; He just sent a stern warning. The Maoist Socialist Neo-liberal Bolshevik Communist news has more.

A severe storm ripped through downtown Atlanta on Friday night, damaging skyscrapers, hotels and two major sports arenas filled with thousands of pro and college basketball fans.

National Weather Service officials called the storm a possible tornado. Winds were clocked at up to 60 mph as the storm moved through the city.

Numerous windows were broken at CNN Center

Atlanta Police spokesman Ronald Campbell said authorities had blocked off roads around the CNN Center where heavy debris filled the streets. A chair from the CNN lobby sat in the middle of the street, flanked by cars crushed by debris from the building.


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