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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

MTV Agitprop: United States of America = Nazi Germany

This is a video currently making the rounds in the hard-left blogosphere:

I watched this three times waiting for the logo of The Onion to appear. It didn't.

Okay, I realize that the MSM and the left-blogosphere love to equate the Bush Administration to Nazi Germany. I Understand that, and laugh at these idiots on left-wing sites every day when somebody froths-at-the-mouth about the 'AmeriKKKan Con-serv-a-scum RubpuglisKKKum REICH-WINGER, Chimpy McHalliburtonrovecheneyhitlerstalin, who is attempting to establish a Christian theocracy, through right-wing HATE-RADIO, which, BTW has brainwashed the slack-jawed, inbred morons in the "fly-over-states."' Yes, we all laugh and have a merry time at the expense of these useful idiots.

While my reactionary side wants to say, "Storm the company, and arrest these traitors! Throw them in the camps!" The dominate free speech side of me takes over as always, and says: "Who cares?"

Nobody of importance gets their political ideology from MTV, anyway. MTV is just pandering to their young, ignorant audience. And if your opinion does happen to be swayed by this propaganda, you are too stupid to be a political threat to anybody except yourself, anyway.

Way to waste $100,000, MTV. The money you spent making this agitprop could have gone to Al Gorebbles carbon credits or Obama's campaign, you dumbasses.



Blogger laZardo said...

And this is not only my age demographic, but the generation that will take the reins of power?

I hope there's room in an apocalypse bunker for one more...

3/12/2008 1:28 AM  

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