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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sorry Abdul, Sharia isn't the Law of England


Abdul Mukin Khalisadar was convicted of rape and the UK equivalent of obstruction of justice today. It seems that he raped a woman during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan a year ago, and got seven of his buddies (also convicted of "perverting justice") to help cover it up.
Abdul Mukin Khalisadar, 26, held a knife to his victim’s throat as he attacked her in her home.

He persuaded seven men to back up his story that he had been in the mosque at the time.

Khalisadar later admitted raping the 27-year-old.

He claimed a substance he took to help with fasting during Ramadan had made him “hyper”.

The preacher forced his way into her home as she got back from a night out, the court was told.

He threatened to kill her — even after she claimed to be pregnant with twins to put him off, prosecutor Simon Carr said.

And he hit her face when she refused to call him “daddy”, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

Khalisadar also stole a mobile from the house in Whitechapel, East London.

He was caught by DNA a year later after being arrested over another matter.
Abdul would probably have gotten off in a county that practices Islamic law. Under sharia, four male witnesses are enough to convict or acquit a defendant, regardless of scientific evidence.

This tidbit was also interesting:
Burka-clad women in the public gallery yelled abuse at the judge — and one screamed that the victim was a prostitute.
Male Muslims in Europe have a stereotype as being more likely to rape women, for some reason. I'm actually a bit surprised that the British Government didn't cover up the DNA evidence in this case, so as not to offend Muslims by charging a Mosque leader and his cronies with rape and "perverting justice," as it seems that appeasing Muslims is the only concern of the British Government in the 21st century.



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