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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Canadian Thought Police Dismiss "Hate Speech" Charges Against Mark Steyn, Muslims Pissed

I would normally say that this was a great day for freedom of speech, but the fact that things went this far is very depressing. Especially in "progressive" Canada. Anyway:
While commentators have said Steyn's demographic claims are way off-base, the CHRC concluded the views in the article, "when considered as a whole and in context, are not of an extreme nature, as defined by the Supreme Court."

Therefore, the Commission said there is no reason to warrant the appointment of a tribunal to look into the matter. In its four page decision, the Commission noted Steyn's "writing is polemical, colourful and emphatic, and was obviously calculated to excite discussion and even offend certain readers, Muslim and non-Muslim alike."

Faisal Joseph, a lawyer for the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC), said he disagreed with the commission's finding. He said there was "compelling evidence of hate and expert testimony" to support their case, had it been allowed to move forward.


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