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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Non Sequiturs from the Minister of Disinformation

I have a friend that will say the most off the wall shit from time to time that cracks me up. I will refer to him as the Minister of Disinformation as he did not want me to use his real name. He will henceforth be known as MoD. I like to give people quasi-official titles.

At the KC Renascence Festival, MoD is peering intently at the groups of people passing by as we look at swords and maces. He turns to me and says,

“You know Tommy, there is a disproportionally large amount of Juggalos here.”

MoD and I were watching a movie; I think it was Team America: World Police, when he said,

“When I’m looking at pictures on Suicide Girls dot com, I like to do the girls the respect of reading their profiles before I jack-off to them.”

I was on the phone with the Minister once, talking about video games and TV shows when he said,

“I don’t think women make very good human beings, but I think they are great sex-objects.”

These are just three examples. If MoD would write a book of just his quotes, he would make Millions.

-Tommy T


Blogger Jabot the Scrob said...

Are you a gay frat boy? I think comment moderation proves that you are a gay frat boy.

12/04/2005 3:00 AM  

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