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Friday, September 16, 2005

Moral Questions

Have you ever received the "Are you a psycho" mass email? If you have not, it gives you a story about a woman and a funeral, yadda-yadda, I'm sure you have heard bout or have read it. I got it first from the MOD about 3-4 years ago.

I received the question again in an email and decided to write my own moral questions.

You awake in the predawn hours to the sound of your newborn baby wailing in pain. When you enter the baby’s room, you find a cloaked man cackling manically, holding your baby in one arm, and you see to your horror that the intruder has stuck a syringe that contains an amber colored liquid in the infants opposite arm, and his free thumb is circling over the plunger menacingly. He offers you a choice:

“Give unto me you child, and all that you ever thought that would make you happy, will be yours. Free this child from my grasp and it will be yours, and it will grow to be old, but you both will be doomed to live a long life of pain and suffering, never to experience a single moment of happiness, ever.”

What is your choice?

Your HIV positive best friend is about to be married to your worst enemy, somebody you absolutely hate. Your enemy doesn’t know that your best friend is HIV positive.

Do you tell them?

While hiking along some cliffs with your two best friends that you have known for 20+ years. There is a rock slide, and you end up belly down on the edge of a cliff, with a friend holding on to each arm, hanging above a 200’ drop. Their only life lines are your left and right arms. You are slipping, if you do not do something soon, all three of you will die. Both are pleading to you to pull them up, but your grip is fading fast, and you are starting to slide over the precipice. You know that you can’t save them both, but you might be able to save one…might, you have almost no strength left. You know you defiantly can save yourself. Both are pleading with you for their lives, with terrified screams, and tears in their eyes.

What do you do?

Please do not post anwsers. Just think (if you can) about what you would do in these situations, not about how you are expected to anwser.

-Tommy Masterson


Anonymous Verrow said...

Aawww, But I wanted to post! :)

Ok, I'll stop raiding your boards now.

10/08/2005 11:53 AM  

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